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About Weekend Unlimited In the emerging medical cannabis industry, there needs to be a company that leads the industry. The popularity of it has caused an explosion of products that contain medical cannabis. Weekend Unlimited seeks to try and hold these products to a higher standard. They are a company […]

Weekend Unlimited

Infinity One LLC - California | BudderWeeds

About Infinity One LLC A manufacturer has several ways of getting its products to final consumers, can sell it directly or do so through distributors, the latter being a favorable and advantageous decision. Infinity is one of the top cannabis distribution companies in California. They have got an existing partnership […]

Infinity One LLC

Canna Candy's - CBD Edibles | BudderWeeds

Canna Candys Canna Candy is a manufacturer of CBD edibles. The candies made by this company are chock full of all of the goodness that CBD can provide the body with, such as improved sleep, heightened mood, better appetite and reducing inflammation, just to name a few. Canna Candy’s edibles […]

Canna Candy’s