3 Disadvantages Canopy Growth Has That Budderweeds Covers

Canopy Growth is a thriving company. Starting in April 2014, they have since bought out a competitor, are trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and more. They’ve got a good strong start, however despite their innovation, they still fall short. Below is a list of some things they lack. From not being able to serve recreational users in Winnipeg, to not having access to premiummarijuana and cannabis oil. We will discuss these and more.

Canopy Growth

Their User Base

While Canopy Growth does have marijuana and cannabis oil it’s important to note their customer base. One quick look at their website will indicate they work to provide education, and training for doctors. While they do have an assortment of seeds available, their end goal here is to help patients.

This is a disadvantage because the patients are smaller when compared to the wide range of recreational users, and others. Here at Budderweeds we offer products to individuals between ages 19 and 60. Furthermore our products are geared towards any type of cannabis user. From first-time users to the cannabis connoisseur, we offer a range of products.



Another thing to consider is availability. While Canopy Growth is meant to help medical patients, getting access to their products can be tricky. For users in Winnipeg, you’ll need to be a patient. That’s not a surprise, but what is where they are located. They only have one facility in southern Ontario.

To get in touch, it’s mostly online and even then you will be talking to a consultant and counselors first. You won’t get access until after they assessed your case.

Here at Budderweeds we avoid that. Since we don’t offer medical cannabis, our store is easier access. Furthermore we are also online so you can shop at any time, anywhere.


Their Product Selection

Canopy Growth’s strong suit is innovation and that’s true. They’ve set up companies to do research and are even in the hemp and gel pill making business. They have some unique products, but also limited. Again due to their user base, but also the assortment is limited. You have marijuana and cannabis oil, along with the cannabis gel pill and hemp.

For us, Budderweeds offers an assortment of products. We have candies infused with THC, vaporizer pens, potent extracts, and craft grown flowers too! To top it off we also offer our own marijuana and cannabis oil.

We believe that offering more practical solutions is better. Our products are also premium, hand selected and designer products. You know you are getting quality when you see our Budderweeds brand on it. Again, you can get access to this anywhere, in Winnipeg and beyond.

What we offer to Winnipeg and more is premium quality products. Canopy Growth simply can’t match it. We know our products and firmly believe our products are the best. Even our customers agree with that statement. People are raving about our products is further proof of the quality and care.

We are a fun brand and guarantee nothing but your safety when you deal with us. To top it off you get quality products that so many others enjoy and continue to use.