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7Acres: Cannabis Brand

7Acres is a commercial cannabis company that began life as a medical cannabis manufacturer. Their goal is simple – high quantity cannabis that doesn’t sacrifice quality. They have achieved this premium cannabis by growing with a state-of-the-art greenhouse operation.

Cannabis from 7Acres is grown with the latest technology and meticulous cultivation processes. This results in high volume, high-quality cannabis that experienced and first-time users alike can appreciate. 7Acres is as passionate about growing as most people are about smoking weed.

A unique characteristic of their bud is gained through their cultivation process. This involves growing in a hybrid greenhouse that allows indoor growth quality but powered by the sun. Their strains, therefore, take on sun-grown characteristics but with the overall quality of indoor-grown cannabis.

You may have heard of hybrid strains, but 7Acres specializes in hybrid growing processes! Unlike many ‘hybrid’ growers that use limited-spectrum growing lights, 7Acres utilizes full-spectrum sun. The result is craft grown cannabis plants with unrivaled quality, but on a massive consumer scale like few others.

As a relatively new operation, there are not many strains released yet. Although expect that to change in the coming weeks and months, with more products arriving at online retailers every day.

There is one tasty strain currently available that gives an idea of just what 7Acres is all about. Jean Grey pays homage to French-Canada’s storied cannabis history. The sweet pungent aroma has tones of wood and citrus, while the indoor-growth with sun enrichment produces the densest of buds.

To ensure the utmost quality when smoked Jean Grey is slow-dried and artisan cured. After this, its hand polished to give it that finished touch. The bud takes on a light-green hue and is covered in white crystals and orange hairs. This is a sure sign of premium quality, hand-crafted cannabis flower.

Jean Grey is a hybrid-strain with an impressive THC content of 16-23%. This is on the higher scale when it comes to THC, so expect a great high when smoking this strain. Those who are newer to cannabis should avoid taking too much at first, as this is a powerful strain – moderation is key!

7Acre’s Jean Grey is currently available at all major provincial retailers. This includes Ontario Cannabis Store, Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis, and Societe Quebec de Cannabis. While Jean Grey is the only strain available today, that will change in the near future!

Speaking of strains that are set to appear soon, Budderweeds is another cannabis brand to get excited about. Arriving soon at all provincial online cannabis retail stores, Budderweeds shares many characteristics with 7Acres.

For one, they prioritize the best growing processes possible. Budderweeds produces craft grown cannabis products that are a step above most other brands. Both dried flower and cannabis oil products are coming soon, with a range of strains, flavours, and aromas to enjoy.

If you are excited about trying the latest recreational cannabis brands on the market keep an eye out for Budderweeds at  Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

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