Myth or fact? As a follow-up to our Sativa VS Indica: The Differences Blog, we have to ask is the Sativa VS Indica debate based on myth or fact? A recent article from LA Weekly refutes that different strains produce relatively universal effects. Jeffrey Raber, Ph.D. in chemistry and party-pooping, goes as far […]

Sativa VS Indica: Myth or Fact?

The Big Lebowski Turned 20 This Year 20 years ago, the Coen Brothers released a movie that goes down in history as a cult classic.   The movie when released was not a huge box office success, but the cult following is second to “The Worst Movie Ever Made”: The […]

The Big Lebowski Turns 20 This Year

Are you new to cannabis?   Have you always relied on your bff to roll your joints?  Have you just never mastered rolling a joint? Look no further: Here is a guide on how to roll a joint.   This is a detailed tutorial on how to roll the best […]

How to Roll the Perfect Joint: A Step by ...

Thousands of people around the world will be celebrating 420 on April 20th.  For cannabis enthusiasts around the world, 420 is a holiday. Some even will take the day off to celebrate this day. Where did the term 420 come from?   Perhaps and urban myth, 420 originated in […]

420 Guide: What to do on April 20

In areas where the use of marijuana and its embodiments have been legalized and accepted socially, more moms are using marijuana and its various incarnations to tackle lots of things – from the daily motherhood stress, depression, and anxiety, to menstrual cramps. Giving room for the expansion and […]


The availability of legal cannabis in today’s world means that the number of strains available now and the number of smokers have skyrocketed. Not all marijuana are the same however, as different strains produce vastly different effects in users. That’s just one of the reasons why purchasing pot […]

Your First Cannabis Experience

There is still widespread confusion about the legalization and usefulness of Cannabis, especially for women. However, scientists believe cannabis is a plant for women. The ‘female’ cannabis plant contains cannabinoid-rich trichomes which are very beneficial for human health as they help the human body perform various functions. As a result, […]

Cannabis and Women

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we know you need some cool ideas to surprise that fella in your life. Of course, check our our edibles, flower and concentrates section – but once you’ve chosen what kind of cannabis you’re getting your main squeeze, consider a few of […]

4 Presents to For The Guy You Love That Loves ...

Linda Horan was dying when she sued the state of New Hampshire. She was 64 and in the midst of late stage cancer of the lung. As a former labor activist, fighting for her rights was not a new concept for Horan…but she was fighting for something new this time. […]

You Should Know: Linda Horan

Romantic relationships can lift you up, support you when you need it and provide a sense of deep love and understanding to each partner. Or they can royally screw you up. Honestly, it’s how I feel about certain strains of marijuana, too. But unless you commit to completely isolating yourself […]

Relationships on Cannabis