Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures have become one of the surprise hits of legalization. While these cannabis products are nothing new, they were typically only used by patients with access to medical cannabis in Canada. After recreational legalization, cannabis tincture is one of the main cannabis products available for recreational use, leading many people to try out the product for the first time.

Tinctures are a type of liquid created by extracting plant matter with alcohol, in this case extracting the cannabis compounds from the plant itself. The process produces a thick oily substance called a tincture, which is packed with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Sold in dropper bottles, these cannabis tinctures are arguably the most user-friendly cannabis product currently sold in Canada. Everyone from experienced stoners to first-time users is getting on board the cannabis tincture hype-train – and for good reason!


What Are The Benefits of THC Oil?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of cannabis tincture and why it has become so popular since legalization

You Don’t Smoke Anything

If you’re familiar with cannabis then you know the most common consumption method is smoking. Whether a joint, boing, pipe, or vaporizer, smoking weed is viewed as the easiest and best way to consume the plant.

However, smoking cannabis isn’t for everyone. For one thing, it damages the body, with the heat from the smoke irritating and harming the respiratory system. Also, many people simply find the act of smoking unpleasant, whether it’s the smell, taste, or possible damage it does.

Cannabis tincture is a completely smokeless experience. You don’t need to inhale anything to get high, with just a few drops of liquid applied into your mouth below the tongue. Anyone that wants to try cannabis but doesn’t like the idea of smoking now has a fantastic alternative in cannabis tincture.

You Get High Very Fast

This is where experience cannabis users are starting to see the benefits of tincture products – they get you seriously stoned in no time. While joints and vapes tend to hit most people quickly, experienced users with a higher tolerance sometimes take longer to get baked. Not with tinctures.

Because they are taken sublingually (under the tongue) the effects of the THC are almost instant. There’s no waiting around to get high like with a joint, vape, or edible, allowing people to get a nice dose of cannabis in minimal time.

This appeals to all kinds of users, from the seasoned stoner looking for a potent high to people looking for effective pain treatments.

It’s Easy to Consume

An often-overlooked part of cannabis consumption is getting the right dose. Smoking too much and getting overwhelmed and uncomfortable is all too common, especially among first-time users, and it’s very easy to do when you don’t know your limits.

Cannabis tincture is easy to consume, reducing the chances of taking too much at one time. Simply start with one or two drops of liquid under your tongue and then wait a few minutes. The effects are almost immediate, so you’ll quickly know how high you feel.

A few drops of tincture aren’t too powerful, but if you feel comfortably high you can leave it there and take a few drops later. If you want to get higher, simply take a few more drops. It couldn’t be easier to take the tincture and control your doses, resulting in a fun, enjoyable, and comfortable high that anyone can appreciate.