Budderweeds vs. Broken Coast

Are you looking to purchase dried flower and cannabis oil online? Do you want it to be delivered into your Toronto home’s doorstep directly? Broken Coast No matter how experienced you are with recreational cannabis, choosing the best cannabis online seller poses a real challenge. You do not just want to guarantee to get quality cannabis, but you also want to receive caring service from the sellers. So, the question is. How do you go about picking the best cannabis marijuana for your recreational pot?

The good news is that there are cannabis retailers found online today. If you are a new user in Toronto or a long-time veteran who is new to Toronto, you know that picking a cannabis dispensary can be a task. There’s a famous cannabis company who offer quality cannabis oil and flower. To give you a tip, Broken Coast is a great company. They are famous for having consistent and decent stock of strains and oils.

Broken Coast

Broken Coast CannabisHowever, there’s Budderweeds too. Are you aware of Budderweeds? We hope you do. In case you didn’t know yet, Budderweeds is much superior compared to Broken Coast. Why? That’s because our cannabis products are phenomenal! Our cannabis oil and dried flowers are topnotch when it comes to curing and trimming.


Following are some of the products we offer to our clients:


Dried flower, often known as marijuana, weed, and bud – is the most typical form of utilizing cannabis. The flower is rolled into a joint, heated, and inhaled. At Budderweeds, we stock a wide array of dried flower, especially Gorilla Glue. All our strains are island grown. That means you get the highest quality that the island has to provide.

  • Indica

Cannabis indica is a name which offers credits to its origins in India. Its taste and aroma favour sugary, skunk, woods and earthy fruits. Cannabis indica is analgesic, meaning it will give you a full body relaxation.

  • Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is well known for their head high, so it helps by boosting your energy and lifting your mood. It also fights depression, fatigue, as well as mood disorders.

Featured Strain: Gorilla Glue

One of our famous dried flowers is Gorilla Glue. It is a potent strain of cannabis, grown mainly in Colorado. The genetic makeup is a combination of Sour Dub with Chem Sister and Chocolate Diesel. The smell of diesel is quite strong, but its taste is the same with coffee.


Cannabis oil is available in small bottles with eyedroppers for administration. Are you one of those who is concerned about smoking? Or the complex administration of dabs? Or the delayed reaction in edibles? There’s no need to worry because our cannabis oil offers a discrete, tested, and convenient cannabis delivery system.

Shop for the Superior Quality of Dried flowers and Cannabis Oil in Toronto

With us, product quality and customer security are our major concern. Compared to Broken Coast, we don’t store any financial information on our servers. All our payments take place through encrypted, secure, and safe channels. Start shopping today!