Why Concentrates?

Concentrates are very potent cannabis products made from a variety of extraction methods. All concentrates use a solvent to strip away everything but the active chemical compounds found in cannabis, leaving behind a super strong extract. There are different extraction methods that produce different kinds of concentrates (see the various kinds listed below). Most concentrates maintain some of the characteristics of the marijuana they are being made from; they should keep their smell, flavour and other notes. Since they are strong you should start with a low dosage and gradually work your way up until you figure out your proper dosage.

What are the Benefits of Concentrates?

Like all marijuana products, concentrates can be used for a variety of reasons. Concentrates could work for you if you’ve developed a tolerance to smoking flower and it just doesn’t get you as high as you’d like. In that case dabbing could be the way to go. Or, if there’s a medical/[] patient who needs such strong dose of cannabis that it would be nearly impossible to smoke enough pot to get the required levels into their system. In that case, ingesting cannabis via a tincture or distillate would be helpful. Typically people cite these reasons for taking concentrates:
  • Higher potency – stronger, higher levels of THC (or CBD) than bud
  • More efficient – you just need to use a little
  • Faster relief – works almost instantly
  • Better flavour – concentration of terpenes as well as cannabinoid

Budderweeds Concentrates

If you’re looking for concentrates then check out what Budderweeds offers if you want to buy concentrates in Ottawa:
  • Shatter – This shatter hybrid is sativa dominant.
  • Hash – Afghani Hash perfect for hot knifing or sprinkling on a joint.
  • THC Distillate – Triple distilled, 98% THC extract.
  • Tincture – Made with a solventless CO2 oil, triple distilled, uses MCT as a base.
  • CBD isolate – Hydrocarbon extraction methods ensure this is the purest CBD on the market.
While not all concentrates are legal yet, you can find out whats available at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.