Home of the Senators,  Parliament, and a bunch of crazy Canucks, The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is an awesome place to smoke marijuana.

Charge up your Gorilla Glue Cannabis Derived Vape Pen and check out the classic views of the Ottawa River or Rideau canal, true Ontario landmarks and great places to enjoy weed.  Bring some bud up to Parliament hill for an old-school smoke session like the pro-marijuana protesters still, do today. The lawn near the center-block is perfect for a picnic and some shatter dabs.

Ottawa is home to deep culture, so get high and prepare to take in some Canadian history. A few hybrid joints will power you up and clear your open mind to allow you to soak in the knowledge of the National Arts Centre, the National Gallery or one of Ottawa’s many other national museums.

When the marijuana munchies, hit you will be in luck, as Ottawa boasts some of Canada’s finest cuisine. A post indica meal at Good Eats is a must for any chronic. Enjoy a truly Canadian poutine before continuing on your pot filled party. Speaking of party, you better check out Babylon, the heart of Ottawa nightlife, and the perfect place to bring your weed and make some new friends.

Roll up some sativa and keep the evening going strong at Mercury lounge, home to some of Ontario’s hottest beats and coolest people. Make sure to pack some CBD products because you will need it for the hangover! Check out what’s available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.