Canna Farms

Canna Farms is one of the top producers of medical cannabis in Canada. Known for their award-winning dried cannabis flower and oil products, Canna Farms products have finally hit the recreational market.

This is a great win for cannabis connoisseurs, as the Canna Farms is highly regarded for their hand-trimmed cannabis flowers. With some of these incredible strains arriving at provincial stores, recreational users now have the chance to try it themselves.

Canna Farms - Licensed Producer in Canada | Budderweeds
Canna Farms – Licensed Producer in Canada | Budderweeds

Using the same care and quality control for the recreational strains, Canna Farms has produced high-quality cannabis strains. These have varying levels of THC and wonderful flavor profiles, with around four strains currently available at recreational stores.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred from Blueberry Haze and Super Haze. At 14% THC it has a mid-range potency that all level of users will appreciate. The balance of Sativa and Indica makes for a pleasant high too, relaxing both the mind and body. That said, it’s not too sedative, meaning you can go about your day without being couch locked.

Critical Super Silver Haze is another Sativa-dominant hybrid from Canna Farms. It also has a mid-range THC of 12-19%, although it does sometimes go towards the higher end of the scale. The bud is beautiful light-green color with subtle purple hues and sticky white trichomes. Its aroma is sweet with hints of citrus and undercut with subtle woody notes.

Pink Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a gorgeous purple, green, and silver color. With a THC content of 19-24%, it is certainly potent so may be best avoided if you’re new to weed. Those that love their aromas will appreciate Pink Kush, with is a blend of floral and citrus with peppery notes. Effects are somewhat sedative too due the high Indica content, don’t make many plans for the day!

Canna Farms in Canada

Tangerine Dream is a more balanced hybrid that features a high THC content of around 13-21%. Bred from G13 and A5 Haze, the bud carries a fruity citrus aroma thanks to its unique terpene profile. The flower is a vibrant lime-green color with dark orange hairs.

GSC is an Indica-dominant hybrid bred from OK Kush and Durban Poison. THC content is 16-24%, making it quite potent and takes effect quickly. This offers a mellow body high suitable for relaxation and sleeping. The flower has a beautiful light-green hue with sprinkles of golden-orange hairs.

Canna Farms Products

You’ll find these strains are available at provincial stores, although some are yet to arrive so keep checking for updates. Canna Trust isn’t the only recreational cannabis brand hitting provincial stores, many other new brands continue to arrive.

This includes premium cannabis brand Budderweeds. Arriving soon at provincial retail stores, Budderweeds produces craft-grown cannabis products for every type of cannabis user. Cultivated to perfection, Budderweeds dried cannabis flowers are rich in flavor, with each strain chosen for its unique properties.

Not only that, but Budderweeds is also producing some of the best cannabis oil in the market. These are carefully extracted to ensure the purest oils possible, which are orally ingested for a smokeless cannabis experience.

Check your local provincial store for upcoming Budderweeds products!