2018 has turned out to be an exciting year for everything cannabis. With the wave of legalization in the States and the upcoming changes to Canadian law, it’s a good time to be a stoner. All this has accelerated the growth of an industry. Companies are scrambling to find a way to stand apart concerning cultivation and commercialization. The city of Edmonton stands at the forefront of this wave of innovation. Canopy Growth would like to announce that we are officially in partnership with Alberta’s Gaming and Liquor Commission.

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Thanks to another fantastic partnership agreement, we are proud retailers of all Budderweeds cannabis products. Budderweeds is known Canada wide for their hand selected, designer Marijuana and cannabis oil. Industry leader’s, the Budderweeds brand is leading the charge with numerous strains of craft-grown flowers, and high potency extracts. Potent yet delicious edibles, plus an assortment of vaporizer accessories, round out the catalogue. Budderweeds is the perfect brand for the first-time user and the cannabis expert. The quality of Budderweeds cannabis products is such that they are being used around the industry to manufacture innovative products.

All around Edmonton, alcohol and cannabis is being combined in new and exciting ways. Even energy drinks and fancy cocktails are getting the cannabis treatment. All over the world, beer companies are hopping onto the bandwagon. For example, Spain offers the artisan Cannabeer, which is hemp-based. The Swiss enjoy the HanfBlüte triumph, the Czech Republic gives us Euphoria Cannabis Beer. The Germans and Dutch have cannabis beer as well. All of these products meet very high-quality standards because they are made with quality raw materials. Premium Marijuana and cannabis oil is being used all around the world to brew these fantastic beers. Even multinational breweries are joining in, with the makers of Corona and Modelo partnering with Canopy Growth.

Other inventive products using premium cannabis such as Canopy Growth’s & Budderweed’s offerings include:

  • Marijuana pills and transdermal patches made with high potency THC and CBD cannabis oil.
  • THC-infused soft drinks made with high potency extracts.
  • Cannabis Energy Drink made with hemp seed extract.
  • Coffee and Cannabis capsules made with cannabis oil
  • Cannabis tea and cannabis chocolates made with the premium Marijuana…

All of these have been brought into play thanks to the creativity of new Edmonton cannabis entrepreneurs. They have seen that cannabis is the future. The panorama is looking good as public interest grows and full-on legalization is on the horizon.

Canopy Growth will deliver to Edmonton as well as any other major Canadian city. Thanks to the newly announced partnership with Alberta Cannabis, no matter where you live, you will have ready access to quality cannabis. Find out what’s available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.