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Before growing cannabis plants for your personal medical use, Health Canada must first issue you a registration certificate. Use Health Canada’s calculator to find out how many plants you are allowed to legally grow. Shop a diverse selection of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid seeds.
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How to germinate cannabis seeds?

To germinate cannabis seeds, you need heat, water, and air. There is more than one way to grow your cannabis seeds, but the simplest way is to use moist towels. All you'll need are two clean plates, paper towels, and cannabis seeds. 

Use distilled water to soak four sheets of paper towels. Don't oversoak the sheets. There shouldn't be excess water dripping off the sheets. Place two paper towels on a plate. Take your cannabis seeds and spread them an inch apart on the paper towels. Cover the seeds with the other two moist paper towels.

Take the second plate and cover the first plate to make a dark dome for the cannabis seeds. The area should be around 70°-90°F. Occasionally check to see if the paper towels are drying out. If so, add more water. 

Seeds can take one to two days to several days. A seed has germinated when a sprout splits it. This sprout is known as the taproot. Do not touch the taproot or the seed as it begins to grow. 

You can also use a glass of water, soil, or stone wool blocks to germinate seeds.

Where to buy cannabis seeds?

Buy cannabis seeds online from Budderweeds who is federally licensed by the Canadian Government and Health Canada approved.

How to store cannabis seeds?

You must consider five factors that affect marijuana seeds: heat, humidity, air, light, and genetics. For temperature, store your seeds at around 38°F and don't go any warmer than 41°F. Heat lets the seeds know that spring has arrived.

If you choose to store your seeds in the freezer, keep them in the back because the temperature fluctuates each time you open the door. People who choose to store their seeds in the freezer must also know how to prepare and cure them properly. 

For humidity, you want it to be at 5%, and you want as little air to come in contact with your seeds as possible. Also, store your seeds in a dark place because light can damage them. Know your plant genetics because some seeds last longer than others. 

Once you control these five factors, you can store your cannabis seeds in envelopes, glass jars, or mylar bags.  

How to plant cannabis seeds?

There are several ways to germinate cannabis seeds, but these seeds need water, the correct temperature, and air to grow. 

You can plant your seeds directly in a medium of your choice, including soil. You can also use moistened paper towels in between two plates. Cover the seeds between two moistened paper towels and use the two plates to create a dome that will keep the moisture and humidity stable.

You can also plant your cannabis seeds in jiffies, plugs, and rock wool which won't damage the roots. You can germinate seeds in water and germination stations as well. 

How to buy cannabis seeds?

Buy cannabis seeds at Budderweeds, a federally licensed and Health Canada-approved retailer.

How to sprout cannabis seeds?

To sprout cannabis seeds, you'll need water, the correct temperature, and air. You can use moistened towels covered between two plates, soil, jiffies, plugs, or rock wool. Seeds open up after about 72 hours, but some strains take longer to germinate. It can take ten days to two weeks.

Once you see the first few millimetres of root from the seed, transfer the seed to a small container with your growing medium in it. Create a hole in your growing medium that's double the size of your seed, which means your seed will be about 2-5 mm down. 

Gently maneuver your seed root first into the hole and cover it with your growing medium. It may take 24-72 hours for the seedlings to emerge. New seedlings should be treated with care for the first couple of weeks. 

How long do cannabis seeds take to germinate?

It may take 24 to 48 hours for cannabis seeds to germinate, depending on specific growth factors. Seeds must be placed somewhere moist, dark, and warm. Once the 48 hours are over, you will see a couple of leaves that will grow for another 14 days until it reaches the vegetation period. 

Remember that warmth and moisture promote the germination process. 

When to harvest cannabis seeds?

Wait until the cannabis seeds are plump and dark before harvesting. It may also look like tiger stripes are covering the cannabis seeds. It will be around six to eight weeks for this flowering to happen. 

Commercial seed collection uses specialized equipment. Once the seeds are collected, they must be kept in containers that do not let light or air in so as to prevent the seeds from rotting or prematurely sprouting. Breeders concerned with seeds must be aware of pollination, harvest time, and the drying process. 

How deep to plant cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds do not need to be planted deep. The hole that you plant cannabis seeds in should be double the seed's size, which is about 2-5 mm beneath the surface. If you plant your cannabis seeds too deep, fertilizers and other growing products won't salvage the seed. 

How long are cannabis seeds viable?

Cannabis seeds are composed of a root, stem, and embryonic shoot encased within a protective seed coat. This seed coat is a shell that is vital in determining whether your cannabis seed is still viable. As long as what's inside doesn't get compromised, the seed is still viable.

If the shell dries, it can crack or it will not let in moisture. In these cases, the cannabis seeds are not viable. How long cannabis seeds stay viable is dependent on several factors. Some believe that ideal conditions enable seeds to last from six months to a year. Others believe that seeds may be viable for up to ten years if refrigerated and kept in special containers. Generally, most believe that three to six months is a realistic time frame for viable seeds. 

Six months yields an almost 100% germination rate, whereas it drops down to half after three years. Look at the plant's genetics to determine ideal storage conditions of seeds. Some seeds are more robust, while others need to be planted quickly. 

How long are cannabis seeds good for?

As we mentioned before, you can make marijuana seeds last longer if they are refrigerated. Without any interference, marijuana seeds can last a few months before they go bad, even up to a year, if kept in a cool, dry, and dark place. Still, if they are refrigerated, marijuana seeds can last up to a decade.

How to tell male and female cannabis seeds apart?

If you look at a handful of seeds, you will not tell apart the males from the females. However, once you plant the seeds and wait a few weeks for them to pre-flower, you may see a small bud. Female plants have white, wispy pistillate. If you have the means, there are scientific methods to determine the gender of the seeds so that you won't have to wait several weeks. 

What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds mean that once the plant has reached a certain point in its development, it will start to flower. In contrast, you will have to wait till after the summer solstice for photoperiod flowering to begin to happen if you are growing outdoors naturally. 

The summer gives off an abundance of red wavelengths of light that plants need to flower. In the spring, there are more blue light wavelengths that a plant needs for vegetative development. 

Photoperiod cannabis seeds need certain light conditions to develop, whereas auto-flowering seeds flower after the plant gets to a certain size. Autoflowering plants can be harvested within ten weeks, and you can expect to see flowering in two to four weeks.

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