Cannabis Stocks: read this before investing!

Cannabis Stocks: What you need to know before investing

The marijuana industry has grown incredibly during the past few years, due to Mexico legalizing marijuana last year, legalization in many US states including California, Colorado, Massachusetts and Nevada, Oregon, Nevada and of course Washington. The upcoming legalization of Cannabis in Canada, on October 17, has also played a major role. This caused hype, making many investors blindly buy marijuana stocks. But this year has not been fun and games for many pharmaceutical companies. Below is a list of the worst performing cannabis stocks:

Canada-Stocks-read-this-before-investing-Budderweeds Corbus Pharmaceuticals

Stock prices went down by 17.2% in the second quarter! Reasons pointed towards the 11% drop in the first quarter, which made many investors question its reliability. Also, Corbus released signals that it’s most pressing trials, the phase 3 systemic sclerosis study and a phase 2b in [], these will not be scheduled to be released until the first half of 2020.

Namaste Technologies

Shares fell 18% in Q2, although it a decent second quarter opening. Despite the huge drop, the company’s sales have tripled from last year with a 150% increase in profit. It also witnessed a boom in sales outside the US, including Australia with profits reaching 1.32m. But behind the profit is a 3.2m loss, doubling from last year. Increase in selling expenses and administrative costs is blamed

Auxly cannabis Group

Auxly works by providing upfront capital to small and medium, struggling marijuana companies. In return, it receives a percentage of production from them, and buys marijuana at a below-market rate, then selling at a market rate. The problem with this is that it has diluted its stock, due to having to raise cash through bought-deal offerings. The second problem is with its buying mode. Can Auxly raise enough profit through its difference in bought and sold Marijuana? The answer is unclear as prices are expected to drop if marijuana is commoditized.

Emerald Health Therapeutics

The title of the worst performing marijuana stock goes to Emerald Health Therapeutics, whose prices fell by almost 30%! The strange thing about its performance is that prices did not drop suddenly, but fell consistently throughout the quarter. Although it produced a huge profit in the first quarter, its nothing compared to what rivals have been producing in the quarterly sales. What can most probably be blamed is the first quarter operating results and late share offerings of the second quarter.

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