Canopy Growth is happy to announce the day has finally come

The use of recreational cannabis is finally legal in Canada since the date of October 17th, 2018. Many provinces, including Alberta, are preparing to open brand new cannabis stores in cities like Lethbridge and begin selling their share of high-quality cannabis products such as Marijuana and cannabis oil.

It is under this news that Alberta Cannabis proudly announces their involvement in this important process. Since October, Albertans are able to purchase safe, high-quality cannabis products from Alberta Cannabis privately run stores.

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What can you expect from Canopy Growth

At Canopy Growth, you can expect a wide range of curated cannabis products from premium brands such as Budderweeds when you make a purchase online from Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis. Citizens of Lethbridge will be able to choose from our hand selected and designer cannabis products such as our THC infused candies, numerous strains of craft grown Marijuana, high potency cannabis oil extracts and vaporizer pens.

This incredible collaboration is only possible because of the completion of a significant supply agreement with Alberta Cannabis to supply the province with premium cannabis products in a variety of forms including whole- Marijuana, cannabis oil, amongst others. Canopy Growth will provide Alberta with over 15,000 kilograms of cannabis products! That is enough to fully support the first six months of the province’s adult use of the exciting recreational cannabis market set to open on October this year.

Cannabis Restrictions

There are so many cannabis companies in Canada that are now actively preparing to meet the anticipated rise in the demand that, Health Canada, in a massive public health initiative, has laid down stringent rules and regulations for the branding, packaging, and sale of recreational cannabis in cities like Lethbridge.

These restrictions have been enacted with steely resolve and with the sole purpose of protecting the wonderful people of Canada from the uninformed use of recreational marijuana and to eradicate the dangerous illicit market for cannabis products.

Cities like Lethbridge in Alberta and across Canada will see a spike in shifty companies looking to find creative and cost-effective ways to bypass these safety measures. However, non-compliance with these restrictions will elicit severe fines and a host of legal issues. Therefore, you must rely on the quality of consumer-first companies like Canopy Growth.

Presently, we are ramping up our processing capacity and committing all the necessary resources to ensure the recreational cannabis market is amply supplied with only the highest-grade products. Budderweeds cannabis Marijuana and cannabis oil stand out due to their superior quality and reliability, and it is extremely exciting to be a participating partner in their distribution. We are ready and focused on bringing the people of Canada only trustworthy brands and products that deliver on our customer´s quality expectations.