Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we know you need some cool ideas to surprise that fella in your life. Of course, check our our edibles, flower and concentrates section – but once you’ve chosen what kind of cannabis you’re getting your main squeeze, consider a few of […]

4 Presents to For The Guy You Love That Loves ...

Linda Horan was dying when she sued the state of New Hampshire. She was 64 and in the midst of late stage cancer of the lung. As a former labor activist, fighting for her rights was not a new concept for Horan…but she was fighting for something new this time. […]

You Should Know: Linda Horan

Romantic relationships can lift you up, support you when you need it and provide a sense of deep love and understanding to each partner. Or they can royally screw you up. Honestly, it’s how I feel about certain strains of marijuana, too. But unless you commit to completely isolating yourself […]

Relationships on Cannabis

Some celebrities can be very closed lipped about their cannabis use. We get it. But they’d be a lot cooler if they didn’t. We prefer the very open famous folk who really don’t care what you think about them smoking marijuana. Check out 5 of our favorites smoking out below. […]

5 Celebs Smoking Out on Instagram.

You Should Meet: The Sisters of CBD. The Sisters of The Valley, or Sisters of CBD, came to the surface through a short news article. The Sisters were being called the “Weed Nuns” by VICE and “Sister Act-ivists” by others. They are always photographed wearing traditional habit style clothes and are completely […]

The Sisters of CBD

by Brittany Driver Most of us remember when Michael Phelps, history’s most decorated Olympian, was exposed as a cannabis user in 2009 via the wide release of a candid photograph of the athlete captured at a party. Phelps was banned by USA Swimming for a total of three months and […]

Ross Rebagliati – A Champion of Cannabis

by Brittany Driver Marijuana edibles are an easy starting point for a lot of newcomers to the cannabis game. You don’t have to roll it, you don’t have to carb it and you don’t have to dab it. But you should know a little about cannabis and edibles […]

Your Guide to Marijuana Edibles

The National Organization For Marijuana Legalization, or NORML, is a not for profit organization tasked with the responsibility of supporting and catalyzing the fight for legal cannabis based in the United States. With over 40 years of experience navigating these troubled waters, NORML prides itself on providing “a voice for […]

What is NORML?

by Brittany Driver Bec Koop wanted to bring the cannabis out of the shadows and make it a part of the celebration. 2014 turned out to be the year she did it. “I sometimes joke: With every single wedding that we’ve been to, there’s probably been at least one person […]

Here Comes The Bride – Are Her Eyes Red?

by Brittany Driver What do you get when you cross a cannabis user with a real animal geek? You get Nicolas Trainerbees. Nicolas is a long time marijuana user and can remember having an interest in animals – and nature in general – from a very early age. Now, Nicolas […]

Nicolas Trainerbees

In North Charlotte, North Carolina, one Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is taking a stance. Things can get tense at the steakhouse, and they saw only one option available to them to rectify the problem. This Kabuto has railed against against hoodies…and weed. For several years, franchise owner […]

Steakhouse Sniff Test

Cannabis infused edibles are, well, freaking amazing. You can eat and get high at the same time…there are not too many other better combinations. A student at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica is using the booming edibles market to her advantage by making and selling some very potent, and fairly expensive, […]

Baked Bake Sale

By Brittany Driver Here’s a shout out to some of pop culture’s most famous marijuana misters. Maybe they smoke now. Maybe they did it in the past. Maybe they have passed. Whatever the case we say right on right on right on to these 15 pro-pot patriarchs. 1. Mr. Branson Richard Branson doesn’t mince words […]

15 famous dads who love marijuana

By Brittany Driver Pot smokers usually keep their stash in a certain spot. I have a box in a cabinet so high I can barely reach it in a room that is shut off from my son by a baby gate. As a parent, I feel like my weed has to […]

How to Secure Your Stash

By Brittany Driver Cannabis is exploding all over the world with a here-to-stay attitude, so you’d better get used to it. I don’t see the reversal of legalization happening anytime soon, and the money keeps rolling in. I believe the applicable phraseology is “cha-ching.” What I’m hearing from the more conservative […]

No easy answers about cannabis use and breastfeeding

by Brittany Driver Oh my friend, if you are reading this article you may have recently found yourself in a bit of a pickle, no? Maybe you celebrated getting that new job a little too early with a big fat blunt, just to hear the next day you need […]

How Does Drug Testing For Weed Work?

By Brittany Driver Marijuana has long been accepted as female, heck, she’s Mary Jane. And as Mother Earth is recognized for giving us this incredible plant whose female flowers are so coveted, so too are these mothers recognized for their love of the herb. Take a gander at our 15 Marijuana Mamas […]

10 Famous Marijuana Moms