Do You Know Your ABC’s? About Barrie Cannabis (Bruh)

The demand and use of marijuana increases with each and every passing day. Most people in Barrie tend to use cannabis in dried flower form. Dried flower is the most common form that cannabis is available in. You can get it from anywhere, from your local drug dealer to highly renowned cannabis producing companies like Aphria.

It should be noted that cannabis and marijuana are the same thing

The only difference is in the term used. The effects, properties and smell are the same. Drug dealers and recreational users use marijuana informally whereas cannabis is more of an official term used mainly by doctors and botanists.

Cannabis not only exists in dried flower form. It also exists as oil. When cannabis dried flower is smoked, the smoke goes directly to your lungs and affects the brain. You get the effects quickly and they are gone just as quickly. However when consuming cannabis oil, because you ingest it, it takes at least 40-50 minutes to metabolise. Fear not though. The effects last just as long. Cannabis oil is pricier than your average dried flower joint.

There exist 3 strains of the cannabis plant: cannabis Indica, cannabis Sativa and hybrid strains. These are pure strains of cannabis. They can be smoked as they are or they can be bred into hybrids. Hybrids are a mix of different strains. They can be Indica dominant or Sativa dominant. It depends on the properties a breeder wants his cannabis hybrid to have.

The most common types of hybrids are:

  • Acapulco Gold: This is a cannabis Sativa strain with golden leaves.
  • Blue Dream: First developed in 2003, it is widely used for medicinal and recreational purposes.
  • Charlotte’s Web: It has high-cannabidiol content and low tetrahydrocannabinol content. It does not have that ‘high’ effect associated with it. This hybrid was created to treat Charlotte Figi’s epileptic seizures.
  • Purple Kush: This is a 100% Indica strain hybrid. When it gets ripe, it starts getting a purple colour. Hence the name Purple Kush.

Aphria Medicinal MarijuanaResidents in Barrie can get their medicinal marijuana from a company called Aphria. Aphria specifically grows cannabis strains in a green house controlled environment. They not only offer dried flowers but they also offer cannabis oils. However, keep in mind that they only sell cannabis for medicinal purposes. Aphria requires a strict prescription to sell cannabis dried flower or cannabis oil.

Barrie stoners and cannabis users don’t despair. Aphria’s competitor Budderweeds offers marijuana specifically for recreational purposes. It is a high rising company. Budderweeds recognises that marijuana should be used for fun as well. Besides, it doesn’t do any harm. It only has benefits for your health. Budderweeds offers not only dried flower strains, they also offer designer cannabis products. For example, THC infused candies, vaporizer pens, etc.

Budderweeds delivers cannabis to Barrie in a very safe, secure and discreet way. The packaging is smell proof. They have one privacy policy, which is to protect your personal information at all costs!