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Find the best THC edibles online here at Budderweeds. Our edibles can be found in California, and Health Canada approved edibles can be found across Canada. Choose from THC gummies, chocolate, drinks and soft-chews. All Budderweeds edibles are formulated with high quality cannabis oils.

Cannabis Edibles By Budderweeds

Edibles are a great way to consume cannabis – everything from THC Edibles to CBD Edibles. Here at Budderweeds, our ultimate guide will give you all the information you need to know about edibles.

Lets begin with legalization – everyone from a beginner to a seasoned consumer can ingest edibles! Edibles were legalized in Canada and made available in 2019. In the USA, THC edibles are legal in states were cannabis (aka marijuana) is legalized. Some things to consider when you are consuming edibles are:

  1. Dosage:  What is your tolerance level?  If you are new to cannabis, you may want to focus on the microdosed products.   These doses start at 5 mg and are a great introduction to cannabis.  Those who are seasoned cannabis users, typically know they can consume higher doses.   It is important to “Start Low, Go Slow”
  2. Time: When having an edible, the amount of time varies from person to person.  Give yourself ample time.  An Edible can take anywhere between 20-90 minutes to kick in.  So DON’T consume more if you don’t feel anything after 10 minutes.  Wait at least an hour to see if you can tolerate a higher dosage.
  3. Length of effects: The effects of Edibles typically last anywhere from 2-8 hours depending on your dosage.  So make sure you are aware of the time it takes for edibles to go through your system.  This method of consumption is best if you have a long period of time to enjoy the effects.

Below are a list of all the different types of edibles that you can consume, check them out today! 

You can now buy edibles online if you're living in Canada through the Budderweeds membership card. Simply sign up, and order edibles online today!

If you'd rather buy edibles in person, then use this tool to find a dispensary that's close to you. If you're living in the US, then you can't buy edibles online but again you can use our handy store locator to find a place that sells them near you!

Types of Edibles

There is a lot of choice when it comes to picking the right edible for you and with all this choice it can be hard to settle on an option in your local dispensary. 1 to 1 CBD: THC gummies are an excellent choice to help you unwind and relax after a stressful day. You can even kick start your friday night with dose our most popular THC sour gummies or Chocolate bar. If THC isn't your thing, then you can check out our CBD infused gummies. So where to start? Well, let’s start by learning the difference between CBD Edibles and THC edibles, once you know the difference between these two cannabinoids you can make an informed decision on which THC Capsules experience is right for you.

CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles, as the name suggests, contain the active cannabinoid Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. CBD can help you to relax and can even help you get a better nights sleep. CBD does not have a psychoactive effect on the mind or body so can it can be consumed anytime any place allowing you to medicate as needed. For the best effects, we recommend enjoying your CBD Edibles on a relatively empty stomach. This allows for maximum absorption of CBD into the body and leads to even calmer feelings of relaxation and bliss. Browse through our range of CBD Edibles. You can order CBD edibles from Budderweeds using your membership card, or you can order CBD edibles from Balance CBD.

THC Edibles

THC Edibles contain the active cannabinoid THC (well duh!). THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical which leads to the highly desired psychoactive effects of Cannabis. Unlike CBD Edibles we wouldn’t recommend eating THC Edibles if you have a lot of plans for the day. These things can be strong, especially for a THC virgin. Cannabis Edible Dosages can be anywhere from 5mg THC to 100mg THC per packet and the effects can last up to 12 hours depending on your tolerance and even what you ate last. Beginners should ‘Start Low & Go Slow” until they understand the effects and their own personal tolerance. We recommend starting with 5mg, waiting 90 minutes and then consuming more if you feel comfortable. More advanced cannabis consumers who understand their tolerance tend to start a little bit on the higher side of things (no pun intended) but it is worth noting that a typical joint contains anywhere from 100mg THC to 300 mg THC (this can vary a lot) so try to keep track of the dosages you consume and you will start to develop a better understanding of Cannabis Edibles and their effect as well as learning more about your own personal tolerance.

Marijuana Edibles

Weed edibles have been associated with a strong odor and displeasing taste in the past. This isn’t the case anymore. Edibles from BudderWeeds taste great and you’ll experience nothing but pure, sweet, baked goods. Once you take a bite you’ll taste nothing but pure, sweet, baked goods or candies. Our marijuana edibles will delight your taste buds and fulfill all of your personal needs!

Are THC Edibles legal in the USA

In the USA, THC Edibles are fully legalized in 10 states!

  1. Colorado
  2. Michigan
  3. Maine
  4. Washington
  5. Oregon
  6. California
  7. Vermont
  8. Alaska
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Nevada

This means that in these 10 states, you can use marijuana products for medical and recreational purposes.

Where are medical edibles legalized?

The following states in the USA have legalized medical marijuana, which means that THC products can only be used for medical purposes!

  1. Florida
  2. Arizona
  3. Delaware
  4. Hawaii
  5. West Virginia
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Arkansas
  8. Illinois
  9. Connecticut
  10. New Jersey
  11. Missouri
  12. Maryland
  13. New Mexico
  14. Montana
  15. Louisiana
  16. Minnesota
  17. New York
  18. New Hampshire
  19. North Dakota
  20. Pennsylvania
  21. Ohio
  22. Utah
  23. Rhode Island

Now you know where to buy edibles in the USA! In Canada, edibles will not be legal until 2019. Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

How long do edibles last?

Edibles last significantly longer than other methods of consuming THC. Specifically, you will feel the effects of eating an edible far longer than you will if you smoked a joint or vaped. Depending on factors that include body composition and potency, you may experience the effects of an edible for as long as six to eight hours. 

How long for edibles to kick in?

Several factors play into how long it will take edibles to kick in: your body weight, your body composition, what you’ve eaten, the potency of the edible, and more. Edibles can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half to kick in. 

What are edibles?

Edibles are any food or drink products that contain the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, specifically THC or CBD. Edibles are ingested and must go through the digestive process to take effect. Some popular edibles include brownies and gummies. 

How long do edibles stay in your system? 

You must consider several factors to know how long edibles stay in your system: your weight, body chemistry, potency, how often you use THC, and more. The type of test also makes a difference.

  • Blood tests: a few hours to a few days.
  • Saliva tests: depends on what you eat but generally a few days. 
  • Urine tests: infrequent users of THC -- five to eight days. Users who consume THC a few times a week -- 11 to 18 days. Frequent THC users -- 33 to 65 days. 

How do edibles make you feel?

The effects of cannabis edibles vary from person to person because of several factors known as set and setting. Your environment plays into how you feel as much as your body and mind. Of course, the type and potency of THC play a big part, too. 

Consuming an edible can be quite different than smoking cannabis. Users may feel more physical sensations when eating an edible. 

What do edibles do to you?

Edibles are ingested and go through the digestive system. They get absorbed in the gut and metabolized in the liver. The effects you feel depend on factors including what you’ve eaten, the potency of the edible, and your body composition. If you’ve had a large meal, it may take longer for an edible to take effect. Like other THC products, edibles may make you feel relaxed. The type of edible determines the results you’ll feel. 

How long are edibles good for?

While edibles contain active ingredients, including THC, they should last as long as regular food products as long as they are made correctly. For example, a gummy with THC should last as long as a gummy without it. Also, THC cookies and brownies should last as long as their THC-free counterparts. Always read the labels to check for a product’s expiration date. 

The expiration date refers to when the food product has gone bad, not the THC. THC deteriorates at a much slower rate than food products. Store your edibles as you would THC-free versions. 

Where to buy edibles?

We highly recommend that you buy edibles online at Budderweeds. Shopping online is much safer than standing in line or wading through a crowd. It’s also more convenient to get your edibles delivered right to your door. Plus, you can shop 24/7, anywhere. 

How to make edibles hit faster?

To make a faster onset, you need to speed up your metabolism. You can do this several ways, but they are more lifestyle changes rather than quick hacks. You can have more healthy sleep, drink more water, stay active, and consume more protein. 

You can also try drinking more caffeine and green or oolong tea. These beverages have been shown to increase metabolism slightly. You can try consuming an edible on an empty stomach; however, some people report having unpleasant experiences this way. 

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