Edison Cannabis Co.

Edison Cannabis Co. is a cannabis retailer found on all major recreational online retailers. They produce a wide range of outstanding cannabis products tailored towards experienced and new users alike, with many strains available.

This includes both dried cannabis flower and CBD oils, along with pre-rolls for your smoking convenience. So, Edison has a lot to offer cannabis users, especially with their dried flower products that feature some amazing strains.

Casablanca is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Those that love to get high will appreciate the potent THC content (14-18%), which offers a very relaxing experience. It’s a wonderfully rich green color that is decorated with vibrant orange hairs – a sure sign of quality bud!


Edison Cannabis Co. Reviews

Edison produces several other Indica-dominant hybrid strains, such as City Lights. It has the same THC levels as Casablanca (14-18%), making it rather potent and suitable for relaxation. There is a nice range of aromas from the bud, including sweetness and earthiness, making for a uniquely interesting balance.

For sativa lovers, the Rio Bravo strain from Edison is worth a try. A Savita-dominant hybrid, this also features a potent 14-18% THC content but a more uplifting high. It’s notable for inspiring creative thinking and giving a pleasant energy boost. A sweet but spicy aroma gives a wonderful fragrance, while the bright red hairs make an attractive bud indeed.

Another fantastic sativa-dominant strain from Edison is their La Strada. It’s another potent strain, which is quite the trend with Edison cannabis, with an impressive 15-20% THC content. These are beautiful dense buds packed with frosty tips and a tangy aroma. La Strada is quite uplifting, giving feelings of energy and cheerfulness.

Edison Cannabis Products

Edison also produces a cannabis oil product. This a CBD oil created from hybrid strains to produce balanced characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. Combined with the high CBD content, this blended cannabis oil is ingested orally and lasts a good length of time. It’s also combined with sunflower oil for a nice taste, which features woody undertones with hints of spice.

With a 1:10 ratio of THC to CBD, it’s not likely to produce much a high, but rather increasing focus. That said, consumers report a great feeling of happiness, while the CBD offers a range of mental and physical benefits. Remember, these oils are consumed orally and not vaporized!

When it comes to cannabis products Edison has all bases covered. Strains of dried cannabis flowers outstanding quality and rather potent. They produce a nice range of characteristics that appeal to many users, while they smell and taste wonderful. Pre-rolls are also available for added convenience!

Edison Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

You will find Edison cannabis products at all major provincial retailers, both online and instore. There are many other products coming from these retailers, including new brands such as Budderweeds. Selling craft grown cannabis that is as impressive as Edison cannabis, Budderweeds looks likely to be a big hit.

So, next time you are browsing Edison products online at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis,  look out for Budderweeds dried flower and cannabis oils!

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