Edmonton is Ready For Better Cannabis Oil And So Are We

Dried cannabis flower is very common in Edmonton. Not just in Edmonton, it is popular around the world. Dried flower is basically the cannabis plant that has been cured and dried. It is the material you use to make a joint. Aphria produces great dried flower, too bad it’s only medicinal.

As compared to dried flower, sticky cannabis buds are much preferred. This is because dried flowers are thought to be cheap versions of the sticky cannabis buds. Of course that is not the case. Dried flower is given that term because it is kept hanging for too long. The number of trichomes, which are the little hairs that make the buds sticky, are less.

The good thing about dried flowers is that they are light in weight. This means it’s less heavy and therefore cheaper to ship. Plus, they are also great for making edibles like baked goods. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is easily activated in the dried buds by a process of decarboxylation that is why they are used in making edibles. However if you’re looking for quality over quantity, sticky buds are the way to go.

All kinds of cannabis plants are dried and cured in the same way. They are hung upside down so that the tetrahydrocannabinol flows down and nothing is wasted. This also prevents the plant from getting mold or bacteria. Curing and drying gives the cannabis plant its subtle flavours and pleasant musky smell.

Cannabis Oil

Apart from dried flower, there exist another product made of cannabis. It is much more potent and its effects are long lasting. It is called the cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil is mainly referred to people who have to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. This is because with dried flowers, patients may not know how much of the dried flower to consume. The amount of tetrahydrocannabinol is different in every amount. With cannabis oil, you can take a proper and precise dosage. You can cook with it and add it to your water.

Cannabis oil is metabolised in your body. It takes a little time to metabolise so be patient. The effects will be worth it – long lasting and much stronger.

Where to Get Cannabis Oil and Dried Flower

Since cannabis is almost legal in Edmonton, there are many companies that offer to sell cannabis. One of them is Aphria. Aphria purely sells different types of cannabis to people with medical problems. They don’t sell it for recreational purposes. You need a prescription to buy cannabis from Aphria. Dang!

Aphria Medicinal MarijuanaWhereas Aphria’s competitor, Budderweeds, offers cannabis for recreational purposes only! They realize that when cannabis is used in the right way, it can be more than helpful in taking the load off of your shoulders. They sell designer goodies such as vaporizer pens, THC infused candies and more!

Privacy is very important to Budderweeds. They’ll protect your identity at every cost. They even send your cannabis in a smell proof package like a regular delivery, so no nosey person knows what’s in the package. Order your cannabis from Budderweeds and get your weed on!