Everything You Need To Know About Canopy Growth And Budderweeds

Canopy Growth, a company who envisioned themselves to be number one in the world, has done an alright job to that claim. They’ve taken up greenhouses as well as indoor growing, along with buying out the competition. They’ve done this in an effort to provide more cannabis to users who suffer and need medical attention, from people in Edmonton, and across Canada. While that is commendable, they have yet to compete with our superior products: cannabis oil and cannabis flower, amongst others.

While their work is commendable, their products clearly falter in various departments. For one is the quality. You can expect a lower quality overall. Furthermore they focus more on education. While they provide a wide an assortment of seeds, they are still non-premium compared to the products that we offer here at Budderweeds.

Canopy Growth

What Do We Offer?

So what exactly do we offer? Our brand is a premium brand ensuring that every product that you buy from us is top-of-the-line. We care about our customers and want nothing but the best for them.

While Canopy Growth provides medical cannabis to patients in Edmonton and beyond, they don’t serve the public. That means the stoners, recreational users, first-time users, and cannabis connoisseurs can’t get access. We are here for those people specifically ages 19-60.

We offer products like THC infused candies, an assortment of craft grown flowers, vaporizer pens, and high potency extracts. These were all hand picked and are designer products, we provide nothing but the best for you.

All of the data we collect is encrypted which means your privacy is secure at all times. To further solidify that, we guarantee that we never share personal info to anyone, ever. We also go a step beyond that to provide discrete packaging.

We Offer More

That’s just the beginning. We offer more to people in Edmonton and beyond.

The other thing to note is our products: cannabis flower and cannabis oil. As for what they do it says right on the box. Perfect for eating, drinking, vaping or smoking, cannabis flower and cannabis oil are the best. Paired up with the Budderweeds brand, you know you are getting the best service around. You don’t see this around Canopy Growth.

Canopy Growth while innovative isn’t as innovative as they let on. With their focus on patients and doctors, they miss opportunities like cannabis flower and cannabis oil. They may serve Edmonton, but only to registered medical cannabis patients.

They may say they’re good. But they only serve patients and doctors. We cover the rest and offer nothing but the best and beyond. Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Société québécoise du cannabis.