Cannabis is becoming more and more tolerable among communities in Ottawa. In fact, there are many legalized cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes with more states currently in legislation. Whether you are searching for a way to ease pain or lessen anxiety symptoms, cannabis can assist.

Where do you search for it, though? While “dealers” still exist, they are becoming obsolete these days. Instead, most are picking cannabis dispensaries to supply them with your cannabis flower and cannabis oil needs.

Dispensaries Have a Wide Array of Selection

Leafs By SnoopThe majority of dealers like Leafs by Snoop aren’t equipped to sell you the best stuff. They may have some different types of cannabis strain, but that’s probably it. Even if they are aware the specifics about the strain and type, they won’t understand the CBD or THC content that you are purchasing. Budderweeds on the other hand, offers a variety of different products. With several labeled strains of sativa, indica, and hybrids, it is possible for you to perform the research. You can find the perfect combination with Budderweeds, which has the best chance of fitting your needs.

Some of the products we sell are the following:

  1. Cannabis Flower

  • Sativa – It’s perfect for daytime users. It offers stimulating and energizing effects. Cannabis sativa also helps with stimulating appetite, suppressing nausea and helps with migraines.
  • Indica – It’s perfect for alleviating spams, pain, lowering inflammation and curing insomnia.
  • Hybrid – Hybrids are a combination of Indica and Sativa cannabis flowers. Budderweeds have strain specifics right on the label. It allows us to showcase the genetic balance and the potency of the strain. Some of the famous hybrids are:
    • Gorilla Glue – It’s a potent hybrid strain, which offers heavy-handed relaxation and euphoria. It leaves the user feeling glued to the couch.
    • Hawaiian Cookies – It was a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Hawaiian Snow.
    • Blue Dream – Blue Dream offers sweet symptom relief without huge sedative effects.
  1. Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is the essential oil of the cannabis plant. The components of the plant are rigorous in resin glands on the outer part of the plant. Cannabis oil is produced by utilizing the same kind of solvent to separate the oil from the plant. It produces a highly concentrated product.

Safety First

What sort of security and safety does your dealer like Leafs by Snoop provides when they sell their products? With Budderweeds, we grow our cannabis flowers, making us aware of how they were acquired and cared. We don’t want to risk your health. Your Ottawa dispensary takes utmost care to only purchase products from the perfect sources. Before a product could even be sold, it’s cleared by our cannabis professional that examines the plants carefully and deems it’s before use.

Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.