Get as High as the Winnipeg Jets With Budderweeds!

Ah, Winnipeg. A cool city located towards the southern edge of Canada, home to some of the most amazing museums and nature parks. It truly is a peaceful place. However, while some residents are content with this relaxed atmosphere, some of us can’t be fulfilled by little tranquility. We need to enjoy ourselves, to experience new “highs,” and what better way to do this than actually to get “high”. That’s right my Canadian brothers, I’m talking about recreational marijuana, and this time without the whole fear of the law spoiling the mood.

Legalization of Cannabis

Aphria Medicinal MarijuanaSince the move by the government to legalize the sale of marijuana (or cannabis if you prefer), many businesses have taken to the market to try and capitalize on this industry set to explode. There have been moves made by medical companies (you know the ones that annoyingly asked you for a prescription before letting you enjoy marijuana) to try and enter the recreational cannabis business. Some of the more popular ones include Tweed by the Canopy Growth Corp and efforts by other companies like Aurora Cannabis and Aphira, and all of them talk a pretty big game, having the funds from years of medical marijuana distribution to back this move.

However, one needs to remember the difference between marijuana prepared for medical use and marijuana prepared for recreational use; only the latter has a decent “kick” to it. Sure, the big medical companies brag about finesse and corporate standards. But when it comes down to quality, Budderweeds treats cultivating marijuana like an art. A brand created solely for recreational purposes, Budderweeds knows its customers and therefore is the best brand to turn to for your occasional dose of fun.

People have often related the high from cannabis to a symphony of music; well, if marijuana is music, Budderweeds is Beethoven.

Cannabis Strains from Budderweeds

Now when it comes to marijuana, there are many types to choose from the market. From classifications like sativa, indica and hybrid, to popular strains like Blueberry, Gorilla Glue and Berry White, the customers have so many different types to choose from. Not only that, but we also have the option of taking our marijuana in different forms, be it the traditional way (smoking dried flower) or the new fun ways like THC infused candies, cannabis oil, and vaporizer pens.

It’s just not possible for one brand to offer its customers with all this variety though, right? Wrong. Budderweeds stands out from the crowd to deliver up to your expectations, and then some.

Now marijuana may have been legalized for recreational purposes, but you may not be comfortable about sharing this experience in public. Budderweeds understands this. After all, if you want to keep something private, then you have all the right in the world to do so. That’s why we work to ensure your experience is kept private. Worried about your neighbours finding a parcel mailed to you contains marijuana? Don’t be. Any consignment you receive from us is completely inconspicuous, with only a plain label and absolutely no smell, keeping what’s inside the package strictly between us.

Surely you don’t need more convincing, do you Winnipeg? Budderweeds is your only choice when it comes to recreational cannabis.