Get Budderweeds at the Ontario Cannabis Store

It’s a good day for cannabis enthusiasts because you can now find Budderweeds at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)! Budderweeds pride ourselves in having a great selection of high-quality cannabis products available at reasonable prices. And not only do we offer great prices for all of our products, but we deliver to all of Ontario. Currently we serve: Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Barrie, Hamilton, Oshawa, Guelph, London, Windsor, Sarnia, and Burlington.

We at Budderweeds guarantee that any products you order from us will be packaged and delivered discreetly. All of our packages are smell-proof and use plain labels to help protect your privacy. This means that you will never need to worry about someone realizing that your delivery contains cannabis. This is especially helpful for all of our clients located in rural areas who don’t have access to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

Our Guarantee

Any personal or financial information you share with us for your purchases is totally secure. All information given to us is thoroughly encrypted and incredibly secure, so you don’t need to worry about anyone compromising your financial data.

We offer a guarantee in case the products you ordered never arrives; if your package never shows up, simply contact us and we will strive to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Our top priority at Budderweeds is your satisfaction with our products and services, so if you have any issues whatsoever we encourage you to contact us with your concerns.

In addition to offering dependable and discreet delivery throughout all of Ontario, we are also pleased to announce that we have a considerable variety of products to choose from, ranging from vaporizer pens to edibles and everything in between.

Whether you prefer THC products (which contain Tetrahydrocannbinol, one of the primary compounds found in cannabis) that induce the feeling of being high or CBD products (which contain Cannabidiol) that are better for things like pain relief and stress reduction, we are confident that you can find what you need from Budderweeds products, now found at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

Some of the main items in our current stock are as follows:

We also offer rechargeable vaporizer pens (that come with a USB charger and rechargeable battery), and CBD-specific items (such as tea, candy, tincture, isolate, disposable pen, cartridges). These rechargeable pens are a great choice if you want something that will be good for long-term repeated use that you won’t need to constantly replace.

Whatever sort of cannabis product you desire (a THC product, a CBD product, or a combination of the two), we are confident you can find something to meet your needs when you order from us as Budderweeds. And we promise to provide you with efficient and discreet delivery service for everything you buy from us, no matter where in Canada you live. We look forward to doing business with you!