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Marijuana has become increasingly popular in Montreal, as it has been legalized for medical and soon to be recreational usage. With recreational marijuana widely available, many more people are enjoying the substance as a way to relax, laugh, and generally have a good time. There are many reasons that the usage of weed in Montreal has become more popular, especially in recreational circles.

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Effects of Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana is known for its relaxing effects, and many people use it to help them unwind after a long day of work or when hanging out with friends. Even though it’s relaxing this does not mean that weed will just make you fall asleep. There are multiple different strains of weed, and some are known for providing focus and even giving a boost in energy while keeping you calm.

Some people report having increased perceptions in sight, hearing, and taste. This means that using marijuana can help to enhance the flavour of your meals, the visuals in the movies that you are watching, and may even help you to pick up new sounds in the music that you listen to. Overall, it can make any experience a little bit more intense and enjoyable.

One of the well-known effects of weed is that it can make people laugh a lot. This is true, as friends may bond over funny moments and continue to laugh at things throughout their usage of the substance. In general, it gives a “feel-good” sensation that makes the world around you seem beautiful and allows your stress to melt away.

Types of Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana flower

This is the traditional form of marijuana. You simply take the dried flower, also known as “buds”, of the plant and place them in a smoking device such as a joint, a bong, or a pipe. The marijuana is smoked and inhaled through these devices. Once it reaches your system, it starts to take effect almost instantly.

Cannabis Oils

These oils are heavily concentrated forms of marijuana in which the active ingredients of THC and CBD are extracted from the plant. They are generally smoked through vaporizers or other more advanced devices. They provide a cleaner hit and often a more intense high.

Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana oil can be baked into different kinds of food. These can be anything from cookies to brownies to pizza and pasta sauce. This high is slightly more intense and often lasts quite a bit longer than the others. 

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