Get Your Cannabis Concentrates in Calgary From Budderweeds

As the medical community begins to understand more about cannabis and its benefits, people are becoming more open to the idea of using marijuana for health purposes and for fun. Calgary, as well as many other cities, has banned the use of cannabis for years. Canada legalized cannabis in October. Let the fun times begin!

One way that people are using marijuana is through cannabis concentrates. If you are interested in concentrates, you can look to Budderweeds for all of your needs.

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Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates 


Cannabis concentrates are more potent than the marijuana flower. They have been derived from the plant, and the best properties have been taken with them. They provide all the benefits of THC without the harmful side effects. This means that you can take advantage of the healing properties of cannabis at a higher level. Concentrates Canada allow you to use marijuana for its intended health benefits.


Cannabis concentrates can be customized to your desired level of potency. This means that you can choose how potent your product is. If you have never used cannabis before, you can pick a weaker level so that you don’t suffer any bad effects. If you have a higher tolerance, concentrates allow you to find the right amount for the desired effect. You can also choose how the cannabis is taken – by vaporization, dabbing or taking distillate.


Concentrates provide a cleaner experience than simply smoking marijuana. The tar and other harmful substances are removed when you use a concentrate. This allows you to breathe easier and cough less. Concentrates use only the main active ingredient in marijuana which is beneficial to your health.


Budderweeds Cannabis Concentrates

Budderweeds offers the highest quality concentrates. Budderweeds is dedicated to helping you obtain the best concentrates in all of Calgary!

Other Cannabis Products – Flower! 


Indicas are known for their relaxing properties. They will help relieve anxiety and insomnia. They will also provide relief for pain and inflammation. These are perfect if you have been suffering from muscle aches or have a hard time falling asleep. With our indicas you’ll feel the soothing effects in no time.


Sativa strains are energizing and revitalizing. You’ll benefit from increased alertness and a higher level of focus. If you suffer from depression or fatigue, Sativas can help you to feel better and improve your overall health. Budderweeds has high quality sativa strains that can help make you more productive and boost your energy levels.


These are strains that have a balance of both indica and sativa properties. Hybrids take the best of both aspects of Indicas and Sativas. We carry indica dominanat, sativa dominant and equally balanced strains.

Budderweeds is committed to providing you with the highest quality indica, sativa, and hybrid strains of cannabis concentrates. Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Société québécoise du cannabis.