Good Luck Getting Dried Flower and Cannabis Oil From Aphria in Ottawa

Ottawa is lucky to be one of the cities where cannabis is almost legal. It can be used for medicinal and soon to be recreational purposes! However, for many users, knowing the different strains and their properties is important. Some have psychoactive properties while others have more medicinal effects.

People in Ottawa are used to smoking dried flower in joints. However, cannabis oil, which is extracted from various parts of the plant, is very potent and much more effective. With cannabis oil, you can get so much THC within one vial or cartridge. You don’t even have to feel awkward while using cannabis oil in public as you would when smoking a dried flower joint.

Cannabis strains are usually classified into three groups: sativa, indica and hybrids. Here is what Ottawa cannabis users should be aware of and about these strains and their properties:

  • Cannabis Indica

Indicas have short stocky stems and quite broad leaves. They are usually known to have a highly sedative, relaxing and numbing sensation. Indicas have a high level of myrcene. It provides a deep and sweetish musky scent to the dried flower. The higher the myrcene levels, the higher the numbing and relaxing sensation an indica will have. Cannabis indica strains are known to be beneficial to help with increasing appetite, insomnia, stress, anxiety, muscle strains and spasms – even chronic pain.

  • Cannabis Sativa

This strain is known to have tall and slow growth patterns. Its effects include boosting your energy levels and sociability, almost like how you would feel after having a pure black coffee. What contributes to this effect is a cannabis compound known as tetrahydrocannabivarin. Cannabis sativa is known to be beneficial for fatigue, migraines, pain relief, glaucoma, depression, concentration and emotional relief or if you just want to get silly or creative.

  • Hybrids

Hybrid dried flowers are a mix of sativas and indicas. They are often either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. They can even be well balanced, which makes the perfect hybrid. You can often tell what the effects will be of a hybrid by researching its myrcene levels. Some people prefer these because you get the energy from a sativa followed by relaxation from an indica.

When choosing the right cannabis, you should always keep in mind the cannabinoid content of the plants. While some cannabis plants may have a highly psychoactive effect, others may not. It all depends on the cannabinoid content. Cannabinoids are specifically found in cannabis plants. Two of the most common cannabinoids in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is responsible for the ‘high’ effect you get.

Where to Get Such Cannabis Strains

Aphria Medicinal MarijuanaYour dealers may either know about different strains and their effects or not. However, if you want cannabis from responsible dealers or cannabis producers, cannabis companies in Ottawa exist. One of them is Aphria. Aphria, however, provides cannabis mainly for medicinal use with a prescription. They grow their own high-quality cannabis plants and offer a range of varieties. However Aphria has a rising competitor known as Budderweeds.

Budderweeds provides cannabis for recreational purposes. We value your privacy and are very affordable and reliable. We send your package tightly wrapped and secure so it looks like a normal delivery. No one would even suspect what you have ordered. Make a good choice and order from Budderweeds today!