Hamilton! Aphria is for Medicinal but choose us for Recreational

Stoners and cannabis users in Hamilton prefer the 2 main strains of cannabis: indica and sativa. They produce a psychoactive and ‘high’ effect or a ‘stoned’ effect on the user, which they usually want. Plus, they tend to smoke these strains in dried flower form. However, why is cannabis ruderalis so underrated? Why do people not take advantage of this strain? Many cannabis users do not even know what cannabis ruderalis is.

Here is a crash course on what cannabis ruderalis is.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis vs Indica vs SativaThe term ruderalis comes from the plant root known as ruderal. Ruderals are those plants which adapt to harsh environment. They grow despite the fact that humans inhabit the area or there is no or little light source. It is native to areas in Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia. Cannabis ruderalis is quite a short plant and grows up to 1 to 2 feet tall only. The stems tend to be stalky and thick. The ruderalis buds tend to be very small.

What sets cannabis ruderalis apart from the other two strains is the fact that it is attributed as an ‘autoflowering species’. The flowering process of the ruderalis tends to begin as soon as the plant reaches maturity. It does not depend on the photoperiod like indica and sativa.

When smoked as a dried flower, cannabis ruderalis does not have a strong “high” effect to it. This is due to the fact that it has a naturally low content of THC. It does have an abundance of cannabidiol so it is preferably grown for medicinal purposes. However, breeders take advantage of the ruderalis plant by creating hybrid strains. They take advantage of its autoflowering attribute and breed it with another strain. For example, ruderalis is cross-bred with indica for higher THC content and its autoflowering attribute.

Cannabis ruderalis is known to be helpful in curing depression, Crohn’s disease, nausea associated with cancer treatment, loss of appetites, muscle spasms and sclerosis related spasms, etc.

It is good for your health but cannot really be used for recreational purposes, except maybe for newbies who don’t need a super high THC content.

Where to Buy the 3 Main Strains

Aphria Medicinal MarijuanaIf you’re looking for a dealer in Hamilton who offers the three main strains of cannabis then sweat no more. You don’t need a dealer, there are companies which deliver cannabis to your doorstep. One of them is Aphria. Aphria specifically creates and grows its own cannabis in a green house controlled environment. However, keep in mind that Aphria only offers marijuana for medicinal purposes. They follow strict rules and regulations. Aphria even requires prescriptions to issue or sell you cannabis dried flower. They even sell cannabis oil which is pricier than dried flowers generally.

However if you’re looking for cannabis for recreational purposes in Hamilton, Budderweeds is your answer. Budderweeds delivers its marijuana specifically in Canada only. They sell different strains of marijuana but not for medicinal purposes. They realise that marijuana can just be used for fun as well. Plus, privacy is very important for them.