Hey Toronto! Forget Aphria; Get Your Weed On With Budderweeds!

Canada is one of the few countries where cannabis is soon to be legal. How did that happen? It was once extremely taboo, yes. In 1923 cannabis was banned. However in 2001, cannabis was legalised for medicinal use only. In 2015 when Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister, because of popular opinion, he pledged to legalize the personal use of cannabis. However, of course, there remain laws to punish dealers supplying cannabis to minors, or driving while under the influence. Hearing this, who would not want to move to Canada? In this article we will discuss some players in the Toronto cannabis space, such as Aphria and Budderweeds.

Difference between Marijuana and Cannabis

You must have heard of Marijuana and Cannabis being referred to as two different things. Let me tell you, they are not. The only difference is in the term. The composition and effects are literally the same. Cannabis is the scientific name of the plant. It comes in many versions such as cannabis oil, dried flower buds, hemp, etc. Cannabis comes in many different forms but the main strains of this plant are cannabis sativa, indica and hybrid versions of the two.

Marijuana, on the other hand, is a Mexican nickname given to cannabis. It is used to refer to cannabis as a medical or recreational drug. The term is very wide spread that is why people refer to cannabis as marijuana. Marijuana is also more commonly referred to as the dried flower of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis is more of an official term and less of a slang term that is why it is more commonly used by botanists and scientists rather than on the street. When people use the term cannabis, what comes to their mind is a drug for medicinal purposes. Cannabis is a plant that happens to have a cerebral effect on the mind and altering effect on the body. It was once used to make things like paper and medicine. That is, until one day when someone smoked or inhaled it and realised its effect. Hence, the drug came to life. For smoking purposes, people grow the plant, trim the buds and then dry them to produce dried flower. Cannabis oil is extracted through a triple distilled, solventless process. What remains is honey-like, amber coloured oil that is extremely potent and powerful.

Leading Companies Selling Cannabis

Aphria Medicinal MarijuanaLiving in Toronto, Canada, stoners must be aware of the companies who offer to provide you with A-grade cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. One of them is Aphria.

Aphria is known to be the leading company in providing medical cannabis. They grow their own cannabis plants in a greenhouse environment and have a licensed subsidiary known as Pure Natures Wellness. They provide different strains of the cannabis dried flower as well as cannabis oil.

However, if you compare Aphria with Budderweeds, Budderweeds is the company to be chosen if you just want cannabis for recreational use, i.e. to get high. They specifically only deliver in Canada. So Toronto is on their list to deliver too. The packaging is completely secure and safe. No smells are emitted out of it so the deliverer won’t know what’s inside it. They offer you many different strains of cannabis dried flowers. They even offer hybrid strains, hash and exotic concentrates! Stoners in Toronto, if you have no dealer who you can rely on then Budderweeds is your best bet.