How to find the BEST Dispensary Canada

Welcome to Canada, where in some of our cities there are more dispensaries than there are Starbucks. When it comes to finding the best, there are a few things that are worth looking at.

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You want to find a dispensary that will have the best quality bud, the best quality concentrates, the best quality edibles or whatever you are into.   The last thing you want to do is spend your dollars on backyard bushweed.   

The effect of using cannabis is directly related to the quality of the product.  The higher quality the products, the better the effects.  When it comes to choosing our bud, we take the time and the effort to make sure that we have the highest quality product.  

The cannabis flower that we source comes from artisanal growers who take meticulous care of their plants and do not use harmful pesticides.  Our THC distillate is triple CO2 distillate that we use in our edibles and our vape cartridges.  Our CBD is pharmaceutical grade CBD.  Quality is important to us.  The best online dispensary in Canada will have top quality.


Everyone uses cannabis for different effects and everyone’s reaction to cannabis is different.  You want to make sure that your dispensary has the best selection.  Variety is the spice of life, and you want to see a dispensary that has a large selection.  

Generally speaking, a dispensary with a large selection is also going to give you a better chance of finding the best quality at the best price.  Selection is also important because you can build up a tolerance to a certain strain from repeated use.  It’s always good to have a good selection.  

Also, maybe you want to venture from smoking to trying how edibles will affect you.  At Budderweeds, we pride ourselves on the selection of the highest quality bud we have.  We pride ourselves in having different doses for different customers, and we pride ourselves on the selection of CBD and THC vape pens we have.


Best Dispensary Canada


Kinds of products that you can find or will be available in 2019:


Let’s start with the most basic, flower.  There are different classifications to flower and most dispensaries will have Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids.  The effects of each classification may be different for people.   And Indica will typically give you a couch locked high, where a Sativa will give you more of a cerebral high.  Hybrids are typically a mix of both and come in different ratios.  The best dispensary will have a good selection of each type.   



Typically shatter is extracted by a process that runs the flower through a solvent that dissolves the THC from the flower and then the solvent is purged from the extraction leaving behind glossy yellow to amber shatter.  Typically shatter is derived from one single strain.


The purification of distillate is an intensive process.  Essentially, CO2 air is pressurized to become a liquid state where it becomes supercritical.  This means that the liquid can adopt properties midway between a gas and a liquid.  This supercritical liquid is passed through some top quality flower where the CO2 pulls all of the essential THC out of the plant material.  The more times CO2 is run through the material, the purer the end product.   Our THC Distillate is tripe CO2 processed, so all of the impurities have been distilled out.  


THC and CBD can be dissolved in a substance to create a tincture.  Traditionally tinctures are made from an alcohol base and added to pure distillate.  Our tinctures are unique as they don’t have any alcohol in them, rather they are made with a derivative of coconut oil called MCT oil.   Having no taste, you can add these to your smoothies, coffee, or really anything.


Edibles are probably the easiest way to consume cannabis as you can get dosages precise.  For new users, the recommendation is to “start low, go slow”:  Microdosing is probably the best way to introduce new users to cannabis.  At Budderweeds, we have a number of microdosed products perfect for the new user, or a number of different dosages for those who have leveled up.


There are a number of ways to consume CBD and there are a number of different ranges of CBD available on the market.   Be very cautious of purchasing CBD products, as some contain very little CBD.   We use pharmaceutical grade CBD for our CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD Vape products.   The ideal way to consume CBD is by smoking it.  


Cannabis Journaling:

Keeping a cannabis journal is a great way to help you figure out how cannabis and dosages are affecting you and how different strains affect you.  It also makes it easier to keep track of things that don’t agree with you.  With a cannabis journal, you will be able to tell quickly and easily what strains you like and at what dosage.  This would also be helpful in deciding what purchases you would make next.  

Best Dispensary Canada


Cannabis in Canada:

Well, the secret is out, as Canadians, we love our cannabis.  According to a new survey, in the last 30 years, the number of people who are consuming cannabis has risen steadily.  However, in the last five years, the number of cannabis consumers have doubled!

Stats Canada has reported that the number of Cannabis users is on the rise.  Will dispensaries and growers be ready for this increase in cannabis users?  With provincial governments setting the guidelines for cannabis sales in every province, dispensaries may be harder to find.  

Going into a dispensary may be difficult as there may be no access to one in your neighborhood or town.  For this reason, the best way to get cannabis delivered to your door is to find an online dispensary in Canada that will ship to your door.

Budderweeds is committed to offering the best products.  Our flowers are sourced from craftsman and artisans who have decades of experience growing and have spent the time to hone their craft.   The distillate that we use in your edibles is a triple distilled distillate that is 99% THC.  This means that we are accurate about the dosages in our edibles, which will give you peace of mind knowing that you are getting an exact dosage.  

When you do finally get your special products, here are our top choices on what to do when you are under the effect:

  1. SEX!  With heightened senses and sounds and touch feeling amazing, everything about getting jiggy with it is amazing.
  2. Netflix – We love to binge-watch Netflix and eat pizza.  (Could be combined with no 1 for Netflix and Chill)
  3. Music – Synesthetic sound and visuals are sometimes reported with cannabis use, so music sounds amazing and some have even reported being able to see the sounds.
  4. Munchies – This is a great time to explore a new restaurant, try a new type of food.  Textures and flavours become enhanced.  Or, you can just order a pizza and chow down.
  5. Take a walk – It’s interesting to feel the cool or hot air against our skin when we are stoned.  Seeing new things, going for a hike, all of these things will be sensory stimulation.
  6. Sleep – Some strains will pull you into a deep slumber and sometimes we just need to sleep.
  7. Shower – We are not kidding when we say take a shower.  It is amazing.  Honestly, just try it.
  8. Art – Whether it is colouring, drawing, sculpting, or even writing, cannabis is known to be a muse to some.
  9. Read – Sometimes the visuals in good writing come to life even more.
  10. Dance – Whether it is dancing alone, or going to hit the dance floor somewhere, you may experience a deep release.  
  11. Meditate – Sometimes just some quiet and meditation will put you in tune with your body, your muscles and yourself.
  12. Video Games – Playing video games while high is probably one of the neatest things we’ve done!  You can actually see things that you may otherwise miss.
  13. Internet surf – Let your mouse clicker lead the way to hilarious cat videos or memes.   
  14. Work – sometimes just a little bit of cannabis can give you mental focus so that you can really just zone in.
  15. Listen to Podcasts – Sometimes learning new things can be facilitated by cannabis and we love listening to podcasts.

Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Société québécoise du cannabis.