How to Make Cannabutter With Canopy Growth Cannabis

Edmonton winters can be brutally cold. When a blizzard rolls around, going to the store becomes impossible. But just because its frigidly cold out does not mean the urge to smoke some quality week goes away. Thankfully, the people of Alberta can rest easy, because Canopy Growth and Alberta Cannabis are now working together to supply the city. Fantastic products such as Budderweeds’s craft-grown Marijuana and extracted cannabis oil are now just a click away. Our products are curated and hand-picked to ensure users experiences are never less than excellent.

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One of the advantages of having such accessible, high-quality cannabis is that you can do more than just smoke it. The latest craze all over the world is cannabutter. What is it, and how can you use it? Read on to learn more.

Cannabutter is butter infused with cannabis. It’s that simple. It is just like cooking butter, but with THC added to the mix.

Cooking with cannabutter is one of the best alternative ways to consume high-quality cannabis. Try it if you are tired of smoking, or perhaps are looking for an adventurous way to ingest your marijuana. Try it now that Canopy Growth will make Budderweeds´s Marijuana and cannabis oil available to the people of Edmonton.

First-time users of cannabis should know that cannabutter has a much greater psychoactive potential than when weed is smoked. When marijuana is smoked, only around 40% of the plant is used. Most of the plant it is turned to smoke when ignited, and much of the THC volatilizes and escapes through the smoke. By consuming cannabutter, we come closer to consuming 100% of the cannabis plant.

Furthermore, THC is heavily metabolized in the kidneys. This metabolic process significantly increases THC´s psychoactive potential. If you are not used to smoking large quantities, care must be taken with the amount of cannabutter you consume.

If you live in Edmonton and want to try your hand in the kitchen with some cannabutter, order from Canopy Growth. We offer only the highest quality products from the industry´s best brands. Our strains of Marijuana and cannabis oil make the perfect raw materials for adventurous cannabis chefs everywhere.

Recipe for Delicious Cannabutter

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Half a litre of water
  • 250 grams of butter
  • 30 to 50 grams of Marijuana or cannabis oil

The first step is to crush the flowers to make them easier to dissolve in the butter. Boil the water in a large saucepan. Once the water has been brought to a boil, add the butter and the cannabis. Stir thoroughly and simmer for two to three hours. Strain all the solids out and allow the mixture to cool. Proceed to refrigerate the mixture until the butter completely separates from the water. Drain the water and voila. You now have potent cannabutter. Use your new cannabis butter in any recipe that calls for butter. Prepare scrumptious edibles or just add it to toast.