When it comes to cannabis consumption, the options are numerous. Cannabis can be smoked in dried flower form, ingested as cannabis oil, vaporized, or turned into edibles. Fancier methods include tinctures, topical lotions, and dabbing. However, from Halifax to Edmonton to Vancouver, by far, smoking remains the preferred method of cannabis consumption. Dispensaries like Aura know this!

Aura DispensaryIn addition to the traditional joint, there are a wide variety of glass bongs and water pipes available on the market. Nevertheless, many dried flower or cannabis oil smokers are concerned with the health implications of their habit. If you have a limited lung capacity, smoking is not even an option, to begin with. The method of vaporizing offers a viable option, while still preserving the experience.

Vaporizers are typically more expensive than the traditional pipe or bong. However, there are plenty of valid reasons why all cannabis smokers should consider this compact high-tech gadget.

Here we tell you 2 of the main reasons why it is beneficial to vaporize cannabis:

Pulmonary Health

The effect of traditional smoking on the lungs is perhaps the most persuasive argument for the use of the vaporizer. By igniting cannabis to smoke it, we submit our lungs to a hot and irritating smoke.

Vaporizers are designed primarily to overcome this problem. These devices heat cannabis dried flower or cannabis oil to temperatures that are lower than those required for traditional combustion. You don’t need to set fire to your cannabis to experience its benefits. In fact, the chemical compounds in cannabis will vaporize at these lower temperatures and provide you with a “smoke-less” high.

We estimate that vaporizers eliminate close to 95% of the irritating substances that smokers usually inhale. Furthermore, vaporizing cannabis has been linked to increases in anti-inflammatory terpenoids, which are compounds that protect the lungs from irritation. Opting to vaporize your cannabis can prevent the development of adverse symptoms caused by traditional methods of smoking.


Vaporizing cannabis offers a higher conversion rate of plant material into active cannabinoids. Research has found that vaporizers consistently convert up to 46% of available THC into clean vapour. Meanwhile, traditional smoking methods only convert, on average, less than 25% THC. You will need less cannabis to achieve the same level of high.

Thus, thousands of consumers from Edmonton to Toronto have classified vaporizers as the most efficient method of cannabis consumption. While vaporizers can be perceived to have a hefty entry fee, their greater efficiency often offsets their initial cost.

If you are considering giving vaping a try, the folks at Budderweeds can guide you.

Budderweeds is a thriving cannabis brand that offers an extensive selection of high-quality cannabis product. The Budderweeds catalogue contains impressive strains of dried flower and potent extracts such as distillate and cannabis oil. Most importantly, Budderweeds offers a range of vaporizer pens in a variety of flavours such as blueberry, tangerine or peppermint. Aura, western Canada´s topmost online retailer, will now be in charge of curating the Budderweeds line of products from now on.

Aura knows cannabis like no other dispensary on the market. Aura Dispensary will provide you with industry-leading customer support and guidance. In today’s fast-paced society, it is increasingly difficult to slow down and smell the roses. They take care of all the tricky stuff for you.

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