Marijuana and Mountain Biking in Canada

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Marijuana and Mountain Biking in Canada

Marijuana and Mountain Biking, Two of Canada’s favourite pass times. Just how well do these pair of activities go together? If you’re asking us, we say very well. There’s nothing like a nice smoke session followed by a rip through the most beautiful trails in some the worlds most scenic areas.  These regions provide some of the best places to enjoy Marijuana and Mountain Biking in Canada.


British Columbia

Getting wild on the west coast? Bring your Budderweeds brand marijuana while you shred beautiful Vancouver Island, home of some of the best trails in Canada. Some great kush will help you make some friends at the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race in cannabis friendly Cumberland. This is where you will meet most of the United Riders Of Cumberland, a collective of local riders who will be down to show you the sweet spots!

Heading up the island? Sooke is a must stop for any one looking for the beauty of the west coast. Bring your vaporizer pen and join the Sooke Bike Club for a fun day at the Sooke Bike Park! Newly built, this park is the perfect place for a puff and some fun, but don’t forget your water.

BC Bud isn’t the only thing we are known for internationally. People from all over the globe come to British Columbia for our world renowned biking. Buy your weed online and head up to Whistler Mountain Bike Park, perhaps Canadas most famous, where you won’t be the only one enjoying some tokes on the trails. British Columbians love their bikes and bud, and so do the tourists. Prepare to make friends.

After a long day of getting baked and riding bikes, the munchies are bound to hit. Pop by Garbos Grill for a killer recovery meal! Make sure to save room for THC infused edibles, Don’t forget to grab your discreet mail order marijuana shipment from the post office before leaving Whistler, and heading to your next destination!

Before hopping the border to the next province, pop by Smith Creek in Kelowna, BC for some of the best trail riding in the country. Roll up some weed and ride out to some of the best views of Westbank and rural Okanagan. It’s best you bring a Vaporizer Pen or some edibles as the trails are pretty dry during the summer.  After a long day of riding, some CBD and a nice indica joint is the perfect combination for rest and recovery.



Alberta is home to some of the most gorgeous mountain views and trails in North America, and at the heart of it is Jasper. You’re going to want to be ripped for this ride as Jasper has what may be the most sophisticated trail system in the world. Pack your Budderweeds cannabis products and head out for some of the best fun to be found in Alberta.

A stoned trip to Signal Mountain is a great place to start, but you will want a Sativa for his steep climb! Your hard work will be rewarded with the best mountain top views in Jasper including the Athabasca River, THC candies, and an amazing ride down! For a little easier ride check out Wapiti Trail. This chill ride is perfect for a cannabis filled cruise along the Miette River through nature, the best place to enjoy a Natural CBD Vaporizer pen

. Want to see some wildlife? Bring your mail order weed on a trek to Bighorn Alley, named after the Albertan sheep attracted to the area. Bring the ride to a close with some shatter dabs by Lake Annette or Lake Edith.Wrap up your action packed day with a hearty meal at local gem Fiddle River Restaurant and a fun filled night at 4Peaks Nightclub. Jaspers go to for Canadian night life party fun.


Budderweeds is proud to provide the hard riding, hard working people of Canada with top quality marijuana products. Whether you’re bombing down the face of a mountain or launching off a dirt lip, by using budderweeds you will see the difference. Our cannabis products are the highest quality, hand crafted and grown by hard working Canadians like yourself.


Another one of the best places in the world to enjoy some BC weed and wilderness with your bike is La Belle Province, QuebecSome mail order bud and a solid bike are all you need for some classic Canadian outdoor fun. Roll up some maryjane and roll out to Mont-Saint-Anne, where pristine trails, beautiful views, and the best smoke spots are in abundance. Enjoy a nice joint of OG Kush while over looking the St. Lawrence River, then pop by The North Lodge for a quick snack.

Vallée Bras-du-Nord has some of the worlds best trails for mountain biking. Get lifted and head out upon the Shannahan sector or the Saint-Raymond sector to explore the heart of the glacial valley while trekking through amazing landscapes consisting of monstrous mountains, majestic fields, and free flowing waters. There is plenty of amazing spots with some of Quebec’s best scenery to stop at along the way so don’t forget your rig and concentrates, as you will want to stop for a dab!

Downtown Quebec City? The Sentiers du Moulin is located only  20 minutes away and is an amazing place to enjoy your mail order cannabis and get in some of Quebec’s best riding, The mountain offers several Enduro descents for experts and flow trails for both stoned beginners and high experts. Smoke a joint and set out on your mountain bike to enjoy the Lac Beauport area in all its natural glory. When you’re finished riding and ready for a cold Canadian beer and a fat bowl of kush from budderweeds, check out Microbrasserie Archibald Lac-Beauport.  Great service from some amazing French-Canadian folk! Try that Montreal smoked meat sandwich!



With hundreds of trails to ride, a marijuana filled mountain bike mission in Ontario is a must do for any rider! Roll up some joints, charge your vaporizers, and pack some edibles because you are in for a true Ontarian adventure! One of the provinces most popular trails can be found in the Kitchener / Waterloo area. The Hydrocut is a 26km stretch of well-maintained trails perfect for stoned riders,  Enjoy a nice hybrid doobie while cruising through a beautiful stretch of Western Ontario’s outback, as the Waterloo Cycling Club keep this trail pristine making it A relaxing ride for all skill levels.

Buckwallow is another area near Gravenhurst known for its amazing Canadian trails and cool vibes. Bring some mail order marijuana and check out the Buckwallow Cycling Centre in the heart of beautiful Muskoka, voted one of Ontario’s top 10 mountain biking trails. You will need some weed while you’re ripping through runs like Moose Mayhem or Toad Twister.  After a morning of riding some beautiful East Coast trail, consider taking a break for some midday CBD and a Beer at the Frosty Pint Pub and some fresh Northern Ontario Pickerill. 

Located in Gibraltar, Ontario, just 10 minutes southwest of Collingwood is another one of Canada’s best collection of biking trails. 3 Stage is a network of over 40 km of trail. Get high and adventure the Pretty River Valley Provincial Park, enjoying Canada’s best marijuana products while viewing the best of the Niagara EscarpmentWith over 2500 acres of land to ride, you will be busy blazing and biking all day! After a post bike ride smoke session with local friends, we like to head out to Tesoro for some of the best Italian in all of Ontario. Don’t miss out on that Four Mile Creek  Wine!


Where ever you find yourself in Canada, Budderweeds will be there. Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Société québécoise du cannabis.