Unfortunately, there are still many preconceived and erroneous notions about cannabis consumption in our society. There is still a significant portion of our families and peers that think that marijuana is pernicious. Even big cities like Calgary are no exception to this ignorance laden trend. However, if we analyze the available data, we can see that so much of the prejudice against cannabis is unfounded. In fact, if we are careful and choose the appropriate strain, using marijuana at work could be beneficial.

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A recent survey by the department of public health and environment published some surprising results regarding cannabis use at work. According to the study, these are the top three professions using cannabis products.

Hospitality and Services

Cannabis consumption is at an all-time high among workers in the hospitality and services industry. The survey reported that over 30% of hospitality workers use cannabis on a daily basis. This multibillion-dollar industry includes workers lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, and various other tourism services.

Art, Sport, and Entertainment

The second industry to consume the most cannabis is the arts, sport, and entertainment industry. This is another billion dollar industry that thrives on the creative energy that cannabis so efficiently foments. Thousands of artists, designers, actors, and athletes use marijuana every day. If you fall into this category, you will do well to use Canopy Growth cannabis to help you achieve inspiration faster.

Construction and Manufacturing

Construction and manufacturing services encompass a broad range of jobs, and thousands of people fall into this category. Construction workers, mechanics, assembly line workers, and administrative positions around you are likely using cannabis Marijuana and cannabis oil. Rounding out the survey are the sales industry and academics.

The most straightforward conclusion to gather from this revolutionary survey is that many more people use cannabis than admit to it. Join them and purchase your marijuana from premium retailers like Canopy Growth, especially now that they have partnered with the AGLC. Additionally, this partnership allows your Marijuana and cannabis oil packages to enjoy unrivalled discretion. We will never sell or share your private personal information. You have no excuses, join the rest of us and enjoy premium cannabis today. Check out what products are available at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.