Montreal and Quebec City to Buy High Quality Cannabis Through the Société Québécoise du Cannabis

Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis SAQ SQDC

In June of 2018 the Société Québécoise du Cannabis also known as the SAQ became a provincial crown corporation and subsidiary of the Société des alcools du Quebec under bill 157. This new corporation will be overseeing the trade of cannabis within the providence of Quebec including the cities of Montreal and Quebec City. It is safe to assume than any cannabis product carried and sold by this corporation will be high quality, which is why the residents of Montreal and Quebec City are thrilled that the Société Québécoise du Cannabis will be carrying products by Budderweeds.

Budderweeds is an online retailer that Sells a wide variety of designer cannabis products. These products include:

When you order one of our products we provide you with a product we have hand selected to ensure the high quality we want for our products. Our products are equally suitable to first time users as well as long term connoisseurs who enjoy recreational marijuana. In addition, many of our customers also use our cannabis products for pain (non-medical specific).

How and Where We Ship our Products

We ship our cannabis products all over Canada from larger cities like Montreal and Quebec City to small towns and rural areas.

We also do everything we can to ship your order while protecting your privacy. Whether you order our Cannabis oil, Weed, High potency extracts or other product we sell we will send it in our special odor free packaging. This packaging allows no odors to escape when the products are in shipping so no one will ever know the contents of the package. Each package we send comes with a plain label containing no identifying information as to where the package is being sent from, so no one will ever know that we here at Budderweeds have sent you the package.

In addition, we will never, ever release any of your personal information to anyone. The only way that anyone will know that you order from our company is if you tell them.

Of course if you live the providence of Quebec you have the choice of getting your Budderweeds cannabis products from the Société Québécoise du Cannabis or from us having them shipped directly to your home.

Keep in mind that once the Canadian recreational marijuana law passes in October, the market will flooded with both online and offline retailers of cannabis products. However, many of these retailers will be selling low quality products hoping to make as much money as possible as fast as possible. Here at Budderweeds we are dedicated to selling our high quality tinctures, dried flowers, and other cannabis products at reasonable price to those people who are looking for high quality cannabis in Montreal, Quebec City and throughout Canada.

We believe that only the best is good enough for our customers and we have the seal of approval of the Société Québécoise du Cannabis and you can’t ask for any better recommendation than that. So whether you are looking for those party favours to get your next party movin’ and groovin’ or are looking for something to enjoy while unwinding at home after a long day we here at Budderweeds have the right products to meet your needs.