Northern Harvest Cannabis

Northern Harvest is a recreational cannabis brand that is part of Maricann Group. Maricann, known as a top producer of medical cannabis in Canada, is now stepping into the recreational market. With Northern Harvest being part of Maricann you know for a fact that the cannabis being produced is top quality.


After all, this company is a leading producer of medical cannabis, known for providing some of the best medical buds.

Northern Harvest Cannabis Reviews

Now, Northern Harvest looks to take this quality cannabis into the recreational market with its own unique products. They focus on authentic cannabis with that locally-grown touch that many love.

This method results in the premium quality bud with flavors and aromas inspired by local growing environments. Depending on where you live, you’ll find different quality strains that have a notable local touch, with a nice range of strains hitting stores soon.

Northern Harvest Cannabis Products

All provincial online retailers will carry Northern Harvest products very soon, with some already stocking a strain or two. In fact, you may have already tried one of Northern Harvest’s early releases – Strawberry Ice.

Strawberry Ice has already gained a positive reception for its wonderful taste and affordable price. It carries a moderate THC content ranging from 15-24%, so experienced cannabis users will appreciate the pleasant high it offers.

As the name suggests, Strawberry Ice has a fruity flavor. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, it offers an enjoyable head-head that is both euphoric and energetic. There isn’t much CBD content either – it’s all about the THC with Strawberry Ice.

Using quality growing processes, Northern Harvest’s Strawberry Ice has some seriously dense consistency. Each bud has good size and density, further adding to the value for money the strain offers.

Not only that, but each beautiful bud is coated with trichomes and spiky orange hairs. These hairs are quite dark, almost giving the bud a dark-red hue. These hairs and crystals result in one seriously sticky bud that smokes as good as it smells.

It also has a strong strawberry aroma and carries pleasant undertones of mint too – it’s like a fruity cocktail!

If Strawberry Ice is anything to go by, Northern Harvest is going to have some incredible strains down the line. Grown to the perfect consistency and packed with flavor and aroma, it’s a delicious strain that many are enjoying. We’re not sure what Northern Harvest has next, but we cannot wait to try it.

Northern Western Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

Northern Harvest isn’t the only recreational cannabis producer ready to take the market by storm – lookout for Budderweeds! An expert producer of craft-grown cannabis, Budderweeds cannabis products are coming very soon.

By using meticulous growing methods, Budderweeds is producing some of the highest quality craft cannabis around. Not only are they releasing a range of tasty dried flower strains but also several cannabis oil products too.

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These cater to every level of user. Whether you are a first-time smoker or cannabis connoisseur, Budderweeds’ dried flower and cannabis oils offer the perfect high every time. Be sure to keep an eye out for both Northern Harvest and Budderweeds cannabis products at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store, or Societe Quebec de Cannabis!