Oshawa, Have You Wondered How To Get Reliable Dried Flower?

Since cannabis is almost legal in Oshawa, why not grow your own? You just have to plant it and raise it like a regular plant. However, once you’ve grown it, you can’t just smoke it. There are a few processes which need to be carried out to give cannabis its ‘high’ and relaxant properties. Otherwise, it is of no use for recreational purposes. There are two processes that you need to carry out. They are called drying and curing OR you could purchase from a medicinal cannabis company like Aphria, or a recreational company like Budderweeds, but we’ll get into that later.

Curing and Drying

In order to get high quality buds, you have to cure them. Curing involves drying the buds in a controlled environment. Let it dry for 3-7 days. Many harvesters tend to hang the cannabis upside down for the drying to occur evenly. After which you put them in a glass jar for a few natural plant processes to occur. This will give the bud its musky smell and potent effects. The drying temperature should be at least 21°C. The humidity levels need to be average. You may not really notice such humidity which is perfect. Curing is the difference between okay-ish cannabis and high quality A-grade cannabis.

There are many reasons why you should dry and cure your cannabis:

  • The chlorophyll is broken down which gives the buds its smooth texture
  • Gets rid of unpleasant smells
  • Brings out the flavour and pleasant smell of your cannabis
  • Gets rid of the harshness so that you don’t get a hacking cough
  • Increases the potency
  • Helps to avoid mold and bacteria on the buds
  • The buds will not give you an anxious or paranoid feeling

Curing literally changes the levels of cannabinoids and terpenoids in the cannabis –wow!

Types of Cannabis

Cannabis has mainly three strains: sativa, indica and hybrid. They may either contain a high level of sativa or indica. They may even be well balanced. People in Oshawa may more commonly prefer to smoke these strains as dried flower. However, cannabis oil is much more potent than dried flower. You can cook with it, add it in water or food or ingest it orally. Cannabis oil is commonly prescribed to those people who use it for medicinal purpose and want an exact dosage.

Where to Get Cannabis In Oshawa

Aphria Medicinal MarijuanaFor medicinal purposes, your best bet would be to get it from a company called Aphria. Aphria grows its cannabis strains in a greenhouse and completely controlled environment. Not only do they offer dried flower, they even offer cannabis oil! You can buy cannabis from Aphria if you have a prescription.

However if you want cannabis for recreational purposes, Budderweeds is your best bet. Budderweeds is a quick rising company competing against Aphria. The packages they deliver are smell proof and safe. They even offer a guarantee if the package is not delivered. Budderweeds also offer designer cannabis products such as THC infused candies, vaporizer pens and the like. We want Oshawa residents to have fun with cannabis.