Recreational Cannabis Offers Unique Cannabis Oil in Toronto

With the new recreational cannabis laws making waves on the news, you’ve certainly heard of a company called Delta 9. This company offers medical marijuana products such as cannabis oil and buds. Their products are only available to Canadian patients in Toronto and elsewhere who have authorization to get medical marijuana as a treatment plan for things like arthritis, pain, and more. While that’s well and good for people interested in medical cannabis that don’t mind their business being put out there for all to see, it isn’t much help for people who want discrete recreational products.

Delta 9 Cannabis Oil Marijuana Weed

That’s where Budderweeds comes in. Budderweeds is a Canadian brand that offers recreational cannabis oil, cannabis flower hybrid strains, and other recreational cannabis products through the mail across Canada, including Toronto. Unlike Delta 9, Budderweeds offers each one of its clients a great time in a discrete package—no matter if they’re interested in an occasional party or want to become a regular customer. All of our packages are shipped in ultimate smell proof packages with a plain label to avoid unnecessary questions from nosy neighbours.

Our Recreational Products

From Cannabis oil to Marijuana strains and everything in between, everything offered at Budderweeds is handpicked, hand-grown, and handcrafted with the utmost of quality in mind. Unlike Delta 9, Budderweeds offers products that help you have fun no matter who you are or why you enjoy cannabis. Other high quality products include candies infused with THS, high potency extracts, and even vaporizer pens. Whether you’re a first time user or are an experienced pro, whether you live in Toronto or off in the countryside, you’ll find something that is sure to add fun and delight to your evening or afternoon.

Our Marijuana and Cannabis Oils

Weed and cannabis oil products are among their most popular—and for a good reason. They are great quality and offer a truly unique experience to both first-time users and experienced pros. Unlike the oils offered by Delta 9, the products offered by Budderweeds for Toronto users and beyond are designed to provide top-tier experiences at any level.

Some of the most popular strains offered include indica strains, sativa strains, and hybrid strains. Which strains you choose will all depend on what you’re looking for in a cannabis product. Their indica strains are ideal for taking at night when you want to relax before bed or want to snuggle up with a good movie and a snack. Sativa strains are ideal for parties, social events, and getting a little creative. Hybrids are a bit trickier, as their effects will depend on which strain is more dominant, but you can always consult with Budderweeds if you’re unsure about your decision.

The Budderweeds Difference

In all, if you’re looking for a great cannabis experience—first timer or professional user—then Budderweeds is the right choice for you. Find out what’s available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.