If you miss the days of getting buzzed with your friends over a joint, October 17th is your opportunity to relive your old memories – this time legally. Alberta Cannabis will be opening recreational marijuana stores on this date.

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In Calgary, work is already in full swing to get these privately owned shops stocked and ready. Up Cannabis Inc. will be distributing products through Alberta Cannabis as well as Budderweeds. Their products along with a number of other brands will be included in shops all throughout Calgary. This is exciting news for the cannabis industry in general, but particularly great news for the suppliers that received approval from Alberta Cannabis.

Who is UP Cannabis?

UP CannabisUP Cannabis is one of 13 major suppliers chosen by Alberta Cannabis to help stock stores from Calgary to Edmonton. UP Cannabis products will be featured in about 250 stores across the country. This is great news for people who are fans of products from this company and its subsidiaries. You can expect a number of top quality products ranging from dried flowers to cannabis oil when you first visit these new shops.



Our Cannabis Products

Budderweeds Cannabis products will be included in these sales. Budderweeds is a Canadian Brand that specializes in top quality products, like the dried flowers and cannabis oil we just talked about. They ship all through Canada, and place an emphasis on privacy. Products are shipped in scent-proof containers, and your information is always kept private. In a world where your details are sold at the drop of a hat, Budderweeds Cannabis is a refreshing change.

All of these exciting products, along with other treats such as THC infused candies and similar edibles will be available in shops the day marijuana officially becomes legal. If you plan to visit, expect a line. The industry is expected to increase in worth, increasing to one billion dollars with the passing of the new law.

If you find the idea of standing in long lines once those Calgary shops open, you might find shopping Budderweeds products a refreshing change. You’ll get the same high quality dried flowers or cannabis oil, without having to compete with others for limited shelf supply.

Instead, drop that cannabis oil in your online cart and order it securely and privately. Budderweeds products are known for being high quality, so if you order dried flowers, you can expect to get only the best from them. Alberta Cannabis will be opening an online store stocked with legal products as well, so you can get your goodies without having to worry about breaking the law.

However you choose to celebrate October 17th, whether it be through online orders or through purchasing from a store stocked by Up Cannabis, you can be assured it will be one of the most light hearted days in Canadian history.

The taboos on marijuana have changed over the last decade or so, and more people are exploring cannabis as a way to relax and unwind versus strictly a medical supplement. With laws that now reflect this lightening mood, its safe to do so without worrying about the opinions of others. Marijuana products are now safer, have more oversight, and come this fall, will no longer see you in handcuffs. Whether you are a cannabis expert or a first time user, this fall will be an excellent opportunity to try out new experiences. Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.