Recreational Marijuana Legalization Creating High Hopes For Consumers, Businesses and Stock Holders

The upcoming legalization of Marijuana in Canada has been big news for the last year. With many provinces and cities across the Country seeing a huge rise in applications for licenses to open up store fronts have to meet the need of eager consumers. Cities such as Calgary and Toronto are ready to welcome the potential growth in business that these store fronts will bring.

Looking forward to October 17, 2018 Canada can expect to see the opening of thousands of stores. This has created high hopes for not only businesses, but consumers and cannabis stocks holders as well.

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What Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Means for Canadian Business

The legalization of recreational Marijuana means that Canadian businesses selling Cannabis will see a large increase in business and that the economy of Canada will be adding several million of dollars. New businesses are sure to spring up across the country. Toronto is one of the Canadian cities that has been enthusiastically supporting recreational marijuana use for the last couple of years. It is also one of the cities that is hoping that small businesses will have the same opportunity as corporations when it comes to the sale of recreational weed.

Legalization of Marijuana from a Consumer’s Stand Point

For recreational marijuana consumers, the legalization of recreational marijuana is great news. The opening of many storefronts from which consumers can purchase their pot is also great news. Consumers will have their choice of where to buy their weed from and won’t have to worry about breaking the law.

The new law will also remove the stigma from recreational cannabis users by normalizing it; as normal as a person buying and drinking wine or beer. No longer will users have to hide their habit allowing them to enjoy their pot without fear of reprisal.

Legalization of Recreational Pot on the Stock Market

With the upcoming legalization the number of license applications for storefront sellers of pot stocks for cannabis is soaring. However this may be both good and bad news for the stock market. While currently marijuana stocks are soaring they may eventually even out. This means that the price of stocks may take a dive days, weeks, or months after the law passes. Investors in stock market shares need to be aware that their investment could fall overnight.

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