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Redecan is a commercial cannabis company operating in Canada. A long-time producer of medical cannabis, Redecan is now entering the recreational market, which is exciting news for weed lovers. The company is renowned for its greenhouse-grown cannabis plants done using only natural conditions.


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There are no pesticides or fungicides, while the flushing process ensures only the most natural tasting bud. This is a big win for cannabis connoisseurs, as Redecan produces high-quality cannabis strains rich in flavor and potency. Anyone familiar with their medical product is likely looking forward to trying their recreational cannabis!

God Bud is one of Redecan’s most powerful strains with an average THC content of 22%. It’s rich in flavor too – herbal and musky notes combine with fruity undertones to provide a wonderful smoke. The aroma is a nice blend too, with an earthy scent that develops into tropical citrus.

Charlees Angel is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid with around 19% THC. Many compare it to Sour Diesel, especially the citrus aroma with a powerful diesel overtone. The buds from this strain are dense and coated with beautiful white crystals.

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Redecan also has an all-time classic – White Widow. A legendary hybrid originating from Amsterdam, it has a good balance of Indica and Sativa, with a 60:40 Sativa to Indica ratio. This offers the best of both, with a euphoric high that develops into a nice relaxing buzz. The citrusy aroma is unforgettable, providing a light lemon aftertaste with every draw.

Shishkaberry is another classic strain, with the Indica-dominant hybrid providing a high THC average of 18%. The aroma is both sweet and earthy, while the buds are an olive hue covered in crystals and amber hairs.

Cold Creek Kush is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an impressive high THC content that reaches up to 23%. Not one for new users, experienced cannabis smokers will love the potency and dank aroma that resembles the forest smells. Flavor notes are also prominent, including earthy and woody scents with hints of fresh pine and herbal undertones.

White Shark is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that features a pungent earthy aroma with subtle touches of fruit. At 20% it is a powerful strain, boasting beautiful green and orange colors throughout the dense buds.

CBD Shark Shock is Redecan’s milder strain offering. Those that aren’t regular smokers will appreciate the balanced THC (5%) and CBD (9%) content of the strain. This produces a calming and relaxing high, while the flavor is pleasantly sweet with a strong skunk odor. The sweet flavor is a range of fruity notes, including apples, apricot, and citruses.

Those looking for high CBD but with a bit more THC will like B.E.C. It’s a hybrid in CBD (10%) and with more THC (10%) than CBD Shark Shock. The high is very balanced as a result of this, while the flavor is fruity rich with hints of pine.

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