San Rafael ’71 Cannabis

Cannabis has come a long way since the 60s and 70s. Not only is now legal here in Canada, but also a million times better in terms of appearance, taste, aroma, and of course potency. But the early 70s marked an important time for cannabis culture, setting the foundations for legalization today, so it’s certainly a time worth celebrating for cannabis lovers.


San Rafael ’71 ReviewsSan Rafael ’71

That’s exactly the type of message behind San Rafael ’71. A new cannabis brand from the people behind MedReleaf medical cannabis San Rafael ’71 has the distinct honor of being one of the first legal recreational cannabis brands announced this year.

Of course, this led to a lot of anticipation for the brand and just what they have to offer. With legalization in full effect, we now know exactly what San Rafael ’71 cannabis is about, and it’s all good!

How To Buy San Rafael ’71 Cannabis Products?

San Rafael ’71 is available on all major provincial online retailers. This includes Ontario Cannabis Store, Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store, and Societe Quebec de Cannabis, who all stock their weed.

The first noticeable thing about San Rafael ’71 cannabis is the potency. These are some seriously strong strains, which regular cannabis users will certainly appreciate. There are a few mid-range strains too, while some even have high CBD content, so there is something for everyone.

For example, those that love strong strains should check out San Rafael ’71’s Delahaze. A Sativa-dominant strain, the THC content ranges from 20-25%, making it very powerful indeed. It has a nice citrusy flavor with sweet undertones and provides an energetic and uplifting high.

Their Pink Kush is a similarly strong strain for cannabis aficionados. With a 20-24% THC content, expect an amazing high that relaxes like few other strains. The sweet aroma makes it a pleasure to consume, as do the earthy notes that balance out the sweetness.

San Rafael ’71 has a fantastic Tangerine Dream strain worth trying too. It has a mid-to-high range THC content of around 12-16%, with the Sativa-dominant strain notable for its citrus aroma. The buds are a beautiful dark purple hue and the high inspires creativity and positivity.

For a milder smoke, be sure to try their Great White Shark. It has a much lower potency compared to other San Rafael ’71 strains, with a modest 5-7% THC content. This also comes with a nice CBD content of around 10-13%, which really balances out the Sativa-dominant strain. It’s also very sticky with amazing light green and orange color to the bud.

San Rafael ’71 Alternative: Budderweeds

These are just a few strains currently available from San Rafael ’71.  San Rafael ’71 can be found at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store, or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.  Expect plenty more amazing additions to the brand in the coming months – check out your provincial stores for updates!

San Rafael ’71 isn’t the only brand hitting provincial weed retailers, many more are on the horizon. One brand worth remembering is Budderweeds. Producing premium hand-craft cannabis products, Budderweeds has a selection of dried flowers and cannabis oils coming very soon.

All Budderweeds products, along with San Rafael ’71 products, are found at the main provincial online cannabis retail stores. Sign up today and become an exclusive part of the Budderweeds community!