Saugans, Ask Yourself What Kind of Weed Colonel Sanders Would Want!

The people of Mississauga are no strangers to city life. Fast paced and stressful, it often leaves us playing catch up with our own lives as we struggle to keep up with our busy schedules. From office jockeys grinding away at their desks to students with their noses buried in their books, everybody here is very busy. But once in a while, each of us gets that window of opportunity, heavenly reprise from our mundane and stressful daily lives: a few hours to relax. Now some people enjoy their spare time by smoking cannabis. I feel that’s a terrible idea. If you hate fun, that is.

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Yes, as all us Canadians are aware, laws restricting the recreational use of marijuana are now almost a thing of the past, and good riddance too. After all, it only makes sense for us responsible adults to make the most out of what nature has provided. But here’s the dilemma: with the upcoming legalization of cannabis, many companies have taken to the market to try and capitalize on this new industry.

With all these companies to choose from, which brand would serve us best?

UP CannabisLet’s take a look at the market. On the one hand, we have medicinal giants like Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth Corp., and DOJA Cannabis Company all looking to move into the recreational market, like Up Cannabis, after years of distributing marijuana as a medicinal drug. Sure, they boast experience and corporate finesse, but one needs to remember these were (and still are) companies that focused primarily on medicinal cannabis. And as any experienced user will tell you, their products lack the punch you get from brands that were established for the sole purpose of distributing marijuana for recreation. And of all the companies, which rose to the challenge, no one understands recreational cannabis better than Budderweeds.

Budderweeds is your one-stop solution for all of your marijuana needs. Need a specific strain of cannabis, or interested in trying out new ones? I’m sure our wide variety of strains will satisfy your desire to indulge in something new. Ever wanted to try THC infused candies? Looking for high-quality extracts or vaporizer pens? We’ve got you covered. Even if you still believe in the traditional way of smoking pot, our dried flowers are ready to give you the experience of a lifetime. We believe it is more important to look out for our customers.

So next time you wind down to get high, why not give us a puff? Look for our products online at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Société québécoise du cannabis.