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Created specifically for women, Dani Peppers Amorous Cannabis Lube enhances pleasure through increased tactile sensations while lubricating to increase comfort. If you’re looking for incredibly enhanced orgasms, this will be the product that transforms your sex life.

. Sourced from sun-grown cannabis cultivated to organic standards
. 30-50 servings per bottle
. Independently-tested for purity


Buy Cannabis Lube

Let’s talk lube, shall we? Slippery, slidey, moisture-adding, friction-banishing- lubrication is a key part of sex, and now you can infuse it with Cannabis. Lube isn’t something that usually gets a lot of attention, but now you can buy lube with the added feature of weed. For many people, and a lot of sex acts the correct lube is vital to enjoyment and safety!
There can be some stigma surrounding the need for lube, and it’s true that many bodies can produce their own. However in a lot of cases, and for many other reasons your body’s production might not match demand. So it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling a little dry, playing with toys made of certain materials or exploring butt penetration, or simply just want some extra glide, our cannabis infused lube can be your friend!

Water based lubes have a few downsides, they get dry, sticky and tacky. Meanwhile, an oil based lubricant won’t stop your fun at the inopportune time, and it can even be used in water. Oil based lubes are safe for use with most toy materials. Their longevity and intense glides makes them great to use, and they’re even better when infused with cannabis!
Why should you use lube?

You don’t need to be Sherlock to answer this question, but it’s to increase lubrication!

A women’s natural lubrication depends on hormonal levels that vary within their cycle. Menopause, pregnancy, stress, breastfeeding, medicines all have an effect on lubrication. More than 30% of women can suffer from natural dryness even when they feel aroused, and this can happen at any age. So as well as using it to spice up your bedroom sessions lube can be used for a variety of different reasons!

Which states is marijuana legal?

So there are 10 states in the US that fully legalize medical and recreational marijuana. This does not include Washington DC. That also legalize the use.

Here are the 10 states that fully legalize the use of cannabis.
• Colorado
• Michigan
• Maine
• Washington
• Oregon
• California
• Vermont
• Alaska
• Massachusetts
• Nevada

States where thc lube is legalized

In these states, marijuana is legalized only for medical purposes and not for recreational purposes. There are 23 states in this category.

Below are the states where marijuana is legalized for medical purposes only:

• Florida
• Arizona
• Delaware
• Hawaii
• West Virginia
• Oklahoma
• Arkansas
• Illinois
• Connecticut
• New Jersey
• Missouri
• Maryland
• New Mexico
• Montana
• Louisiana
• Minnesota
• New York
• New Hampshire
• North Dakota
• Pennsylvania
• Ohio
• Utah
• Rhode Island

Just like how it was legalized in Michigan, Utah and Missouri voted the medical marijuana in the 2018 midterms. In early 2018, Oklahoma vote for the legalization of medical marijuana. Michigan has a more high chance of full legislation as weed has already been legalized. West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and North Dakota up till now do not have a fully operational system. Ohio, on the other hand, was on the verge of success but lack operational dispensaries about 2 years after the legalization vote was cast. So in Ohio, the Board of pharmacy prohibits the sales of medical marijuana until this dispensaries are operational and functional, as such, labeling it as illegal.

In the following states, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes are allowed: Maryland, Missouri, New York, North California, Rhode Island, Ohi, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, North Carolina, New Hamshire, and Mississippi. In all these states, carrying an amount of medical marijuana won’t lead to your arrest. The amount you are to carry is different from one state to another. Before you can possess this medical marijuana, you must consult your doctor and confirm if you have an ailment that requires the use of medical marijuana and you will be given a medical marijuana card.

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