CBD Flavoured Vaporizer Pen Refill Cartridge


Product Name: Flavoured CBD Vaporizer Pen Refill

Highlights: A prefilled cartridge containing 310mg of CBD in  .5ML of our Flavour blend, a mix of our 92% pure CBD oil and natural flavouring , blended to provide a potent dose of CBD with unique flavours not found in cannabis. how do we get a natural flavor that tastes like cotton candy? Well, we create it! We use all natural ingredients to design a flavor that tastes like the flavour we want. These are called natural flavors, not natural extracts.

For more info on flavour CLICK HERE

$110 Per Kit

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Glass Cartridge with Steel Mouth Piece
  • 4.2v 280mAH atomizer
  • USB Charger


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