Craft Flower Variety Pack


Try four of our craft reserve flowers: Rockstar, Blue Afghan Kush, Lamb's Bread and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies.

Each pack contains 3.5gr per strain. 1/2oz per pack.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies: Take a classic Girl Scout Cookie and add some magic and you get the Platinum Scout Cookies.   With very high THC levels, this one will give you a blissful, relaxing high.  Pair the earthy flavours of this strain with some herb roasted potatoes, or mushrooms and enjoy tasting every aspect of your dish.  

Lamb's Bread: Sticky, frosty, and delicious, this is an old school strain that is the real OG.  Dubbed as Bob Marley's fave strain, the high of this strain will leave you introspective and meditative.   This strain is great for going out and enjoying a hike, nature or even vividly seeing the beautiful colours of a cityscape.

Blue Afghan Kush: Perfected over centuries, this blue Afghan Kush has a cheesy aroma with delicious berry undertones.   This strain is best enjoyed with pizza

Rockstar: This strain will rock your world with its heavy pungent smell and its cake-y crystal appearance. Expect a soothing body high with calming cerebral effects that will last you through the night. Perfect for a night in on the town.

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