Discreetly Baked – Duke Nukem Shatter – BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!


Strain Name: Duke Nukem

Strain Classification: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Strain Highlights:  Duke Nuke is a high quality shatter from Discreetly Baked. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid shatter that will have you and uplifting and active creative mental high. The name after a video game from the 90’s where the character goal is kill all  “alien bastards”. Not to be confused with Nuken which is an Indica Strain.

$50 – 1 Gram

$100 – 2 Grams get 1 Gram Free

$175 – 3.5 Grams

$350- 7 Grams get 3.5 Grams Free 

$700 – 14 Grams get 7 Grams Free

New in stock!




Euphoric 100%

Energetic 100%

Creative 82%

Uplifting 80%

Focused 70%



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