So You Think You Know You Hybrid Strains Sauga? Think Again!

Mississauga residents are more commonly aware of cannabis dried flowers and cannabis oil. They are widely available as well, from companies like Aphria. Of course, users like to experiment with their weed for recreational purposes as well as medicinal. Which is why hybrid plants exist. As the demand for cannabis grows, so does the experimentation with different cannabis breeds. People usually breed hybrids so that the plant could inherit specific properties of the specific plants and become better, faster, stronger, HIGHER.

Different Strains of Hybrids

  • Sativa x Sativa. Two different breeds of sativa are bred together. Buuuuzzzz, get ready for your mind to go into overdrive.
  • Indica x Indica. Two different breeds of indica are bred together. You’ll be cough locked and fast asleep before you know it.
  • Indica x Sativa. Strains described this way means that the hybrid is indica dominant. However they may also contain sativa properties. You may get a nice little kick and then get the major munchies.
  • Sativa x Indica. Strains described this way means that the hybrid will be sativa dominant. You’ll get a solid little buzz going minus the paranoia.

Breeding Different Cannabis Strains

When breeding cannabis strains, the same process should be followed as with a regular plant. The female plant must be pollinated with the male pollen. Breeders usually engage in a selective breeding process for the hybrid creation. They choose the female plant and male pollen for the hybrid to have specific traits. Once the desired traits are produced, the breeders then ‘cube’ the hybrid plant with one of the parent plants. This is done so a particular characteristic is reinforced.

What Are Hybrids Bred For?

Dried flower hybrid strains are usually bred for:

  • Cannabinoid levels – Since medical research keeps on expanding, many breeders look for specific cannabinoid content in the plants. Couch-lock, cerebral activity, auto-flowering. You can produce any kind of hybrid with different cannabinoid levels.
  • Size – Is bigger better? The size of hybrids is often different according to the dominant strain in it. Indicas have stocky stems and broad leaves. Whereas sativas are tall and have slow growth.
  • Autoflowering – Autoflowering basically means that a particular strain of cannabis was bred with ruderalis. Your cannabis strain will grow regardless of light exposure.
  • Some cannabis strains have more resin content – Hybrids are usually made for high resin content. Indicas, as compared to sativas, have high resin content.
  • Yield – It depends on the heritage as to how much a plant can produce.
  • Features of different cannabis strains can be bred into hybrids – For example, the colour, the breeding temperatures and weather, etc. Moreover some strains are much more lest and mould resistant. That aspect can be bred into hybrids as well.

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