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Budderweeds is one of Canada’s leading recreational cannabis company that offers a variety of hand-selected and craft-grown designer cannabis products, which you can now find at Aura dispensary. If you live in Calgary, Nova Scotia, or Regina, Budderweeds should be your go-to supplier of all things cannabis. The Budderweeds repertoire includes high potency strains such as AK 47, Clobber Funk, and Lemon Haze. Also available from Budderweeds are edibles infused with THC as well as vaporizer pens. However, today we will dig a little deeper into the world of cannabis oil, dried flower cannabis, and learn of some surprising benefits.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil and Dried Flower

  1. The consumption of cannabis oil triggers the release of hunger-promoting hormones. Everybody knows that consuming cannabis products increases appetite. However, few know that cannabis oil can also improve your digestion. Since its consumption triggers the release of hunger promoting hormones, oils derived from cannabis can be helpful for eating disorders.
  2. Cannabinoid treatment with dried flower after traumatic experiences can help reduce stress-induced trauma. Often, it seems as if stress and anxiety are inevitable. For people having trouble achieving a balance between career, family and social life, cannabis oil can prove useful. The cannabinoids in the oil will relax your mind, reduce stress, and bring a sense of calm and peace to your body. Research into the subject of trauma found that treatment with cannabinoids helps to regulate the emotional response across the board.
  3. Studies have consistently shown that dried flower cannabis can help reduce levels of pain and improve mood. What are the mechanisms of action that make this possible? Dried flower cannabinoids reduce the number of chemicals that produce inflammation and chronic pain. If you are suffering from mild to moderate pain, a little bit of cannabis can go a long way.

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