Switching from Organigram? Try Budderweeds Instead!

If you live in Winnipeg and are in the market for a reliable cannabis retailer that has a great selection of products, look no further! We believe that we can meet your cannabis needs. Unlike certain other licensed cannabis producers and retailers such as Organigram, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive selection of cannabis products while also offering an excellent customer service experience.


Organigram cannabis oil

While Organigram is admittedly a well-established company in the cannabis product industry (they have been in operation for fifteen years) and are known to grow both organic and non-organic strains of cannabis, they are currently licensed to produce and sell cannabis oil products.

They have plans to expand and grow their operations and begin producing other cannabis products as well, but currently they sell only cannabis oil; you cannot buy tinctures, shatter, or any other sort of cannabis product from them at this time. They do sell four different types of cannabis oil (Indica, Sativa, CBD-rich, and Hybrid), all of them sold under the name OrganiOil, but for customers who want more overall variety in their products this is sometimes not enough.

Additionally, shipping with Organigram costs you money unless you are ordering more than thirty grams of product at once and they offer very little in the way of a guarantee if your shipment never arrives or if you are unsatisfied with the product that you receive.



We, on the other hand, pride ourselves in offering not just a great selection of products beyond cannabis oil but also providing you with an excellent customer service experience.

Some of our cannabis products include items such as THC tinctures, CBD tinctures, cannabis flower products, and more. We are also quite pleased to offer products containing the Blue Dream strain of cannabis that has become so popular lately.

A hybrid of the Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze strains, Blue Dream is notable for having a THC level that can reach as high as 21%. Blue Dream products are also known for being both mellow and powerful, and are capable of delivering long-lasting pain and tension relief without making the user feel overly sedated or sluggish. It can also instill a pleasant feeling of euphoria that can aid in relieving feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression.

Ultimately, we sincerely believe that any and all of our products are a great choice for anyone over the age of nineteen. Whether you need something to help alleviate some pain your experiencing or if you simply want to feel more relaxed for a little while, we have products that can help you (that being said, we are not a medical cannabis producer, so if you need genuine medical cannabis products you will need to find an alternative supplier).

All in all, if you are in Winnipeg and are looking for a dependable cannabis retailer that offers greater variety than an operation such as Organigram, we believe that we might be a good choice to meet your needs. Check out what products are available at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Société québécoise du cannabis.