Synr.G by Canntrust

Legalization has finally arrived! That means one thing – being able to buy top-quality weed with the utmost convenience. Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis are currently the only places to buy recreational cannabis in the country. It’s home to many established and upcoming cannabis brands, like Budderweeds and Synr.G, meaning plenty of options for cannabis lovers!


The website has all kinds of amazing strains from various cannabis brands, with both flowers and oils available now. In fact, the site has exclusive access to Ontario’s premier cannabis brands that are must-try for cannabis aficionados.

Synr.G by Canntrust Reviews

Synr.G by Canntrust is a cannabis brand worth checking out upon its launch. Their strains are bursting with flavor, from Tropical Breeze to Blueberry Kush, with a nice selection of hybrids available. Synr.G sells both pre-rolls and dried flower, with a nice blend of strains to choose from to suit all tastes.

Synr.G has a good range of cannabis products to choose from, especially fruit-infused strains that offer incredible flavor. Aromas are pleasant too, while the dried buds are nice dense nuggets bursting with color. Synr.G is certainly a brand worth checking out on the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Synr.G by Canntrust Alternative: Budderweeds

Budderweeds is another highly touted cannabis brand expected to make its debut very soon. They are cultivating some seriously impressive strains across their dried flower and cannabis oil line-up, especially their dried flowers.

These are pungent strains covered with crystals that are going to give you an epic high. Budderweeds appeals to the entire weed user demographic, from first-time users to cannabis connoisseurs, so there are Budderweeds strains for everyone!

If you love smoking weed you will love what Budderweeds has to offer. Oils are a great new addition to the cannabis market, giving a much more unique experience when consumed. Rich in flavor and very powerful, BW’s range of cannabis oils is going to be some of the best in Ontario.

The reason their products are so highly touted is the growing process – its entire craft grown. This means there is no substitution for quality in the growing process. Nothing is rushed, time and care is taken to get the best results for every strain. Expect only the best tasting bud and some epic highs from Budderweeds cannabis.

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What is the best weed strain?

So what type of strains are available from these and the many other new cannabis brands? Well, about everything you can think of! Cannabis strains have come leaps and bounds in recent years, especially with all the amazing hybrid strains available.

While Indica and Sativa were once the two dominant strain types, there are now countless hybrid strains that combine aspects of both. Indica and Indica dominant strains tend to give an epic body. with notable strains like Pink Kush and Sensi Star.

Sativa and Sativa dominant hybrid strains are powerful and flavorful, offering amazing highs that get the creative juices flowing. Critical Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream are a few awesome Sativa strains worth checking out at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Most of these strains are sold in dried flower form. These are perfect for grinding up and sticking in a joint, bong, or pipe, while it is possible to cook with them too.

Oils are much the same but tend to be much more potent, making them a good choice for experienced users. As mentioned, Budderweeds has a fine range of cannabis oils worth trying. These can be vaped in a dab pen or consumed orally depending on the oil type!