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Looking for an alternative to smoke? Sensitive to flavours? Discreet, tasteless, and easy to swallow, THC capsules, also known as cannabis capsules are an excellent choice for THC enthusiasts. Unlike THC edibles, THC Capsules are low-calorie. If you are not a fan of thick smoke which happens by smoking pre-rolled joints or cannabis strains, cannabis capsules might be the best option for you.

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What is in a THC capsule?

THC capsules are ingestible capsules. They contain cannabis extracts, namely THC as either THC oil or ground-up cannabis flower that should be swallowed and not chewed. They may also have other cannabinoids and carrier oil.

Many people prefer THC capsules for their discretion and convenience. They are also less fragrant than dealing with dried flower. No additional equipment or paraphernalia is needed other than a glass of water or maybe soft food if you have problems swallowing.

Because we ingest THC capsules, they must go through the digestion process and not have immediate effects. It may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours after ingestion to feel the full impact of the THC capsule.

How long do the effects of THC capsules last?

THC capsules may last significantly longer than other THC products. Keep in mind that THC capsules come in a variety of strengths and strains. The effects of THC capsules may last up to eight hours.

Remember that ingesting THC capsules brings about a delayed onset reaction. Resist the urge to take another THC capsule if you do not feel any effects immediately. Wait at least two hours before consuming more THC.

Unlike other edible THC products, THC capsules do not have additional empty calories or flavors. They are not sweetened or coloured either.

How strong are THC capsules?

THC capsules come in a variety of strengths and types. THC capsules that contain 1 - 2.5 mg of THC are suitable for beginners or those who want to microdose. You may feel mild relief from symptoms. THC capsules that contain 2.5-15 mg of THC are perfect to use recreationally. You may use these THC capsules for sleep and more substantial relief. However, you may feel uncoordinated and your perception may be impaired as well at these levels.

How long do THC capsules last?

THC affects each individual differently because of weight, body chemistry, and THC capsule potency. The effects of THC capsules can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

How long can THC capsules be stored?

THC capsules can be stored anywhere from three months to four years; it all depends on the storage conditions. THC degrades when exposed to light, heat, and air. THC capsules will keep their full potency over 90 days if kept at room temperature, frozen, or in a fridge. While THC capsules will degrade after that point, a Romanian study showed that you would lose THC content at a rate of around 20% each year over four years.

How to tell THC oil capsules expired?

If the THC oil capsules are made using THC oil, the oil may turn cloudy over time. If the THC oil capsules have expired, the THC oil may also seem thicker and change colour.

How long for THC capsules to kick in?

THC capsules must be ingested and go through the digestive process, which means it must travel through the digestive tract and get metabolized by the liver before it enters the bloodstream. This process can take anywhere from 1 - 3 hours. How long it takes THC capsules to kick in depends on how much you've eaten, what you've consumed, your body composition, weight, and the THC capsule's potency.

How to take THC capsules?

Taking a THC capsule is the same as taking a regular capsule. Place it on the back of your tongue, take a sip of a liquid (usually water is the best), tilt your head forward, and swallow. You can also put the THC capsule in a pudding or other mushy food that's easy to swallow.

Quick-release capsules get absorbed through the stomach and metabolized in the liver. Time-released capsules go through the same process, but the contents don't get released immediately. Instead, they use other ingredients, including liposomes and hydrogels, to slow the process.

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